Is “The Express Tribune” is an Ahmadiyya Media ??

Express Tribune on Indian Payroll.

Yesterday, Indian PM Modi tried to divert attention from Kashmir by mentioning Balochistan.

Today, his paid writers in Pakistan dream up this headline:

“Will become first female Baloch Olympian”

We all know, with proof, that Pakistan media, especially English media, is paid by NGOs and other foreign interests to carry out their agenda. Just look at this headline and tell me if it makes any sense except to include ‘Baloch’ as a nationality. Please petition the government to cancel its license. Enough is enough.

Express tribune on indian pay roll

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Is “The Express Tribune” is an Ahmadiyya Media ??
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How MGAQ Interpreted The Hadith of Two Yellow Sheets?

Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and the Yellow Color
By A.K. Shaikh
Translated by: Bashir Ahmed

Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani Sahib has laid the foundation of his claim and movement on two Yellow Sheets (besides other elements). In order to strengthen this colour, he has made all kind of efforts including taking help from “Shirk” [associating others with Allah]. But he forgot that Allah’s baton is soundless as His respite is extended.

How did Mirza Sahib treat this Hadith and the Yellow Colour, and how much did he distort it in order to achieve his mischievous agenda, and how far was he successful – the decision is yours. Mirza Sahib says:

“Most of you people have observed me in this condition [Translator: i.e. the weakness of MGA’s brain], and then, I have this (excessive) urinary illness for a very long time; as if the two Yellow Sheets have been draped around me – one at the upper part of my body and the other one at the lower part of the body. I get very little time while in a state of cleanliness due to these illnesses.” [Malfoozat 3/68-69]

“Yes, there are two diseases inflicted upon me – one at the upper part of the body and the other one in the lower part of it. Dizziness is in the upper part and excessive urination is in the lower part. And both my illnesses are present from the same period when I published my claim of Mamoor-min-Allah [appointed by Allah]. I have beseeched [for the healing from these illnesses] but got an answer in the negative and it was inspired in my heart that this [i.e. the two illnesses] has been made a Sign from the beginning for Maseeh-e-Mauood – for he would descend while clad in two Yellow Sheets, resting his hands on the shoulders of two Angels. Thus, these (the two illnesses of MGA) are the same two Yellow Sheets that have been embedded in my physical condition. Through the consensus of all Prophets of Allah, the interpretation of the Yellow Sheet is Illness and the two Yellow Sheets are my twin Illnesses. [Note: It is an open challenge to both the Gaddi-Nasheen [hereditary successor] of Mirza Sahib and his pseudo-200-Million-Followers to prove the unanimity of the Prophets in the light of the Qur’an. If they do so, then whatever punishment they prescribe to me will be acceptable. You will later read in the following section as to what has Allah called the Yellow Colour.] They (the twin illnesses) comprise of the two parts of my body and the same has been revealed to me by Allah that the real meaning of the two Yellow Sheets is actually the two illnesses. It was mandatory that Allah’s Decree be fulfilled. [Roohani Khazain vol. 22, p. 320]

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani says, “To such an extent it has been mentioned in the Ahadith that one should strive to prove his dreams as true, let alone a prophecy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Whoever gets such an opportunity, and still does not act upon it, and is not prepared to fulfill it; he is an enemy of Islam and who is bent upon proving the Prophet (PBUH) as liar (Ma’az-Allah).” [Malfoozat 3/66]

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How MGAQ Interpreted The Hadith of Two Yellow Sheets?
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Calgary Conference Proceedings | Part 9 | A.k Shaikh

How Ahmadiyya Religion works? What is Ahmadiyya religion?

I (Ahmed karim shaikh) born in 1947 and quit this religion in 1997 exactly after 50 years of my birth , I worked for this religion very closely, I’ve been the part of this system. I will not go into the details as you know much about the finality of our beloved prophet Muhammad SAWW, but the most important thing the person who tried to steal the identity and finality of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW, I’ll tell you about him and you must know about him that who was he, whether mentally he was capable, what he been claimed? what was his status of mind? I’ll tell you some of His quotes and writings which was in Urdu…………

Watch the video for details.

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Calgary Conference Proceedings | Part 9 | A.k Shaikh
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