Muslim Identity in Light of Finality of Prophethood – Conference in Calgary


Shaykh Jamal Hammoud, Shaykh Muhammad Tayyab, Shaykh Omar Farooq, A. K. Shaikh and Akber Choudhry will be speaking on this unique topic.

First of its kind of event in Canada. Please plan to attend.

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Knife Attack did not lead to Mirza Mahmud’s Mental Issues?

Recently, we have come across some news clippings and intelligence assessments from 1954 that report on the knife attack on Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, the Second Qadiani ‘Khalifa’. These show that although murder was attempted, the wound itself was minor and Mirza Mahmud was out of hospital the next day, and did not even go to a large facility or abroad for treatment.

It is a well-known fact that Mirza Mahmud had a very volatile temper in the last 10 years of his life (1955-65), and was almost continuously bedridden, had bouts of searing pain, and had other serious problems with his personality and mental health in general. His biography on Wikipedia contains he following: Continue reading Knife Attack did not lead to Mirza Mahmud’s Mental Issues?


Persecution or Ahmadiyya Intransigence in Indonesia?

Knowing how the Ahmadiyya leadership operates, this news report shows how they are pressuring poor Indonesian Ahmadis to adopt the ‘Punjabi’ way of non-cooperation.

“The presence of Ahmadiyah had been rejected some years ago in the area. Moreover, An Nur is not a mosque. It is a house and that’s why it can’t be used for Friday prayers. Residents in the neighborhood had frequently demanded the Ahmadis pray together with them in the community mosque, but the Ahmadis refused,” the police officer said.
The purpose of a mosque in a community is for cohesion, not splitting the community.  Ahmadiyya leadership wants to export Punjabi sectarianism to Indonesia.

Continue reading Persecution or Ahmadiyya Intransigence in Indonesia?


Cottage Conversations 3: Ahmadiyya Change their History and Books about Pigott

Original Document saved on QeRN:

Altered Document on Ahmadi website:

Altered Document saved on QeRN:


Refuting Ahmadiyya with Ahmadiyya writings–in terms of the insults MGA wrote about Jesus

Recently, an Ahmadi Murrabi on Facebook has published a response to the disrespectful statements of MGA versus the Christian Missionaries.  His article is filled with Academic dishonesty.

This Murrabi never quotes the Quran or hadith in terms of what should be the behavior of a Muslim towards the gods of other religions.  Including Christianity…

Firstly, Allah tells us in the Quran, Chapter 6, Verse 108, (109 in Qadiani Qurans):  “And revile not those whom they call upon beside Allah, lest they, out of spite, revile Allah in their ignorance. Thus unto every people have We caused their doing to seem fair. Then unto their Lord is their return; and He will inform them of what they used to do.”

In fact, in the official 5 volume commentary on, Malik Ghulam Fareed has written on page 729:

“In the forgoing verses, the Quran has spoken rather contemptuously of the utter helplessness of the false deities whom people associate with God.  This might lead some Muslims to revile the false deities of the polytheists; the present verse warns them against following such a course.  God has denounced the idols in his capacity as a judge, and the denunciation of a judge is not considered as abuse, but as a necessary expression of opinion.  This does not give others the right to abuse the persons condemned by the Heavenly judge and thereby offend their feelings, or the feelings of those who love and respect them.  

“The verse provides yet another reason for this noble teaching.  It purports to say, “If you, O Muslims, revile disbelievers’ false Gods whom they treat with love and reverence, the result will be that they will be excited by your abuse and will retaliate by reviling God in return.  The verse thus not only inculcates respect for the feelings of others but also assures amity between nations and communities.”


Moving on….this Murrabi quotes Islamic clerics from that same era, however, he considers these people as the worst creatures in the world?  Does that make MGA also one of the worst Mullahs ever?

And where did MGA get these insults from??  So we know that he never wrote anything original.  He always stole writings and arguments.  Research work tells us that Hindus were the ones using these same insults towards Jesus Christ.  And MGA appears to have stolen their writings and arguments and passed them off as his own.

Dyananda wrote a book called “Satyarth Prakash” in 1875. Van Der Linden describes this as such:

“…while Christianity and Islam have a long history of disputations, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad not only used many of the arguments against Christianity as put forward by Dayanand Saraswati in the Satyarth Prakash…..”

From “Moral Languages from Colonial Punjab” by Bob Van Der Linden

Page 183

Dyananda also wrote that Jesus Christ of the Bible was an adulterer and spoke ill of his own mother. 

In the referencing section of Chapter 5. Under reference number 19. Page 217

19 . He (Lekh Ram) published “Christian Mat Darpam” in the same year as “The Epistle of Jihad”. In it, Lekh ram argued that Christ was not sinless but, on the contrary a crue
l illiterate drunkard, liar and thief who insulted his mother. In selections, 1897, Nur Afshan, 14 May p. 387.

Conclusion: The “Epistle of Jihad” by Lekh Ram was published in 1892. He wrote another book the same year wherein he attacked Christianity, i.e. Christian Mat Darpam. Lekh Ram called Jesus of the Bible all of those foul things in 1892.

MGA used the same arguments as he slandered Jesus Christ of the Bible during his tirade on Christianity.

Finally, MGA broke Islamic rules and stole Arya Samaj polemics and has his tirade against Jesus.  And nowadays…Ahmadis are trying to defend him?  So sad.

Bobby Muhammad