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Ahmad Karim Shaikh
Commonly known as A.K. Shaikh, his family roots go back to the resident families of Qadian that were established in Qadian before the appearance of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He is the Founder of ahmedi.org, main purpose of website is educational and to bring awareness about ahmadiyya beliefs.
Shehla Khan
Shehla Khan, also known as A.S Khan is co-founder of ahmedi.org, A.S Khan has the deep Knowledge of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed's Writtings, and at the same time she has very good knowledge of Islam. She has written many articles and been editor of "AHMADIYYA GAZETTE ONLINE" for many years. She also maintained our web platform for many years.




Nasir Shafiq
Graphic Designer
Nasir Shafiq is a Graphic Designer, He Joined our team in November-2015 to serve the Information about Ahmadiyya religion with a better presentation. He designed ahmadi.org banners and other posts banners. He is pursuing his degree in Computer Sciences.
Shaheer Khan
Technical Support
Shaheer has joined ahmedi.org community as a volunteer, He handles 100s of queries a day and deliver them to the right person, due to the lot of queries a day it was not possible for the admins to facilitate all the questions. Now he is on our website 24/7 trying to help our members with their queries about Ahmadiyya religion.
Mirza Umer Baig
Web Developer
Umer Baig is a new revert towards Islam, he is a very good debater and loves to do research on religions, he helped us to re-design and stabilizing our web platform, In past Ahmadiyya Hackers hacked our YouTube Channel and deleted all of our databases, Umer has fixed a lot of security holes in our website and now responsible for the future security of the website.

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