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Jesus / Essa Death Issue

Perhaps the most effective ploy that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani came up with, to deceive innocent Muslims into accepting his prophethood claim was the issue of Essa death. This deceptive trick has been, over the times, so cleverly implanted into the brain of common Ahmadi that many Ahmadies still (sincerely) think that this is indeed the most important issue for Islam and Muslims and they want to talk about nothing but this issue.

The type of brainwashing the Ahmadies were subjected to can be seen from the book Hiyat-i-Qudsi by Ghulam Rasool Rajheki, one of the most respected “scholars” of Ahmadiyya. On page 9 (part 3) of his book, he writes:

This belief about Essa alive in heaven has caused more harm to Islam than anything else. Because of this belief hundreds of thousands of Muslims converted to Christianity because Christian preachers were able to prove that this belief renders Essa superior to Mohammad (saw).

We will talk about how Christian preachers “proved” superiority of Essa due to this belief, later. First, let us talk about alleged conversion of “hundreds of thousands” of Muslims to Christianity. We hear about this mass conversion of Muslims to Christianity only and only from Ahmadiyya sources. There is no evidence that such a mass conversion ever took place. Even Christians don’t know that they had converted “hundreds of thousands” of Muslims. What happened to those “hundreds of thousands”? Where did they vanish? This was obviously a lie made up by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani like many of his other lies.

Now let us examine the allegedly devastating logic of Christian preachers that caused this rapid mass conversion. Page 10 (part 3) of the book describes that.

Christian Padres, debating with Muslim molvies asked them, “If two persons are of the same status and one dies while the other is living then who would be considered superior?” Molvies, gave the “obvious” answer, “The person who is living will be conserved superior”.

This logic of living being superior to dead is so horribly idiotic that I don’t even find it necessary to refute it. Would you consider Iblees superior because he is living while more than 100,000 while prophets of Allah have died? Was Yazeed superior to Hussain because Hussain died and Yazeed was living. Would you consider Musleemah Kazzab superior because he lived after the Holy Prophet (saw) had died.

Also, if this logic is so strong then why did Christian Church forget it. Muslims, vast majority of them, still believe that Essa is alive in heaven, therefore, the logic still stands. Why don’t we see Christians using it? In fact they don’t even know if such a logic was ever used.

Rajeki’s book also talks about Christian Preachers’ argument about allegedly humiliating and disgraceful manner in which the Holy Prophet (saw) escaped from Makkah at the time of Hijra. Let me tell you! This “argument” did not come from Christians: it was a product of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s perverted brain. In order to support his false claims, he, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, argued that the manner of Holy Prophet’s escape from Makkah was humiliating and disgraceful! Rajeki did not hear it from Christians: he took it verbatim from the books of his spiritual master. It is possible that some low level Christian Priests could have borrowed this line from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and might have used it, but we know that the majority of them has more sense and is at least a little more respectful of the Holy Prophet (saw) than Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was.

Jesus / Essa Death Issue
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