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Ahmadis Started Indonesian Riot – a Dangerous Trend

Many of the perpetrators of the attacks have been punished, but the Indonesian prosecutor has demanded a stiffer sentence for the sole Ahmadi defendant in the 2011 riot in which three Ahmadis were brutally killed.  He said that the riot was started by the Ahmadiyya as they had come prepared for fighting with weapons and a cameraman to videotape the episode — after the local police had asked them to leave.  Unfortunately, the Ahmadi contingent from Jakarta was vastly outnumbered by the local rioters.

Flashback —

In 1974, Ahmadi militants stalked a group of students for a week and then attacked a train carrying them as it was passing through their town.  The local police, station personnel and medical staff refused to help and the train had to leave with badly injured students and go to Faisalabad, almost 50 kilometres away.  In nationwide riots, 42 Ahmadis died and 27 Muslims, with a lot of injuries and arson.  After the Samdani Commission reported its findings, the Ahmadi town of Rabwah (now Chenab Nagar) was made more open and the Ahmadis were unanimously declared non-Muslims for the purposes of the Constitution, after Parliamentary hearings at which their team was allowed to make their case.

Then the Ahmadiyya started calling this ‘persecution’ in front of Western media and governments and started maligning Pakistan — just after Pakistan’s Prime Minister Bhutto and King Faisal of Saudi Arabia had just concluded a historic OIC summit in Lahore.  The former was judicially executed by an American-backed dictator and the latter assassinated by a nephew returned from America, both within about 4 years.

President Obama, who has lived in Indonesia, has presented Indonesia as a model of democracy and tolerance for the Islamic world.  This incident in a village is now being blown out of all proportion to disprove this.

And we just saw the shameful end to the hateful ‘loyalty’ campaign by the Ahmadiyya in the United States.

Are the Ahmadiyya that sinister, or are they willing accomplices with bigger Islamophobes?  That is the question of the day.

Ahmadis Started Indonesian Riot – a Dangerous Trend
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can we have a detailed and synchronized conversation?

You are resorting to a level of revisionist history that is absolutely deplorable. The Ahmadis were merely protecting thier place of worship when the mob attacked them and went into the building pulling them out! Don’t let your hatred of Ahmadiyya cloud your ability to see truth. You can argue that Ahmadiyya is not Islam and you have very good points to support that so I don’t understand why you need to resort to this nonsense. The people that slaughtered and defiled the bodies of those Ahmadis should have been imprisioned for much more than what they received and it… Read more »

The police and the courts found out that the attack was provoked by the Ahmadis. It is sad that the Ahmadis ended up being killed, but the police asked them not to flare up the incident in the small village with little police presence:
I believe that the courts found out that the attack was provoked by the Ahmadis. In most cases they are the ones who are provoking and making their problem everybody’s problem.
As always Qadiani like you always bring excuses to get away with this murder. This cheap tactic won’t work anymore. Qadianis should be held accountable. Countries that don’t have a small percentage of these troublemakers are: Georgia, China, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, North Korea.


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