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Ahmadiyya Schools and Hospitals in Africa by hosharba

I want to put this question to the concerned leaders of ahmadiyya jamat who beleive that all schools and hospitals that ahmadiyya jamat owns are charitable and non prfit organization and on this named cause they collect a lot of chari ty form all over the world. Are the all nonprofit and charitable??

I was taking to one of my friend who told me that all hospitals in africa they charge fee to patients and that is usually either equal to the local charging fee of the hospitals or sometime higher as they take advantage of as a foreign doctors.
Amirs and local leadership want huge money from hospitals so they always encourage increase fee and charges.

From 1970 till 2005 every doctor was having a salary of 60 pounds a month which was reviewed in 2005 and now they are taking 150 pounds every month, and every body knows it not 150 pounds they are after. Surprisingly there is a law in jamat that all benefit from hospital will be divided between doctor and jamat as 25% will go to doctor and other 75% of profit will go to jamat. Now the quesiotion here arises if it is nonprofitable organization why they do not spend profit on hopsital or patients and why they divide money and doctors there end up earning huge money and jamat allow it as they also get huge money from it. If it is all about money then better call it a business rather than a charity hospital or school.

It can easily be proven that any hospital which is not earning money usually closed by jamat no matter how the need is there in that area and you will find examples in every country like sierraleone, ghana etc. regarding closure.
This is again relevant to schools as they charge huge fees and still call themselves charitable non profit organization.
There is another category in which donations are collected for literature and it is quite surprising to know that almost all books are sold at price that will fulfill the expenditure unless a very few i will say less than 10% which are given usually to influential peoples in the area to show off or for their own publicity.

My friend also told me that there are few peoples who work for jamat were removed form their positions because they were involved in selling the literature books at higher rate and were gaining huge money form books without any record.

I have just raised few questions on your forum in a hope that somebody from jamat will answer them and clear my doubts.
To let every body know that i am an ahmadi but feel hurted when i cant find any body to anser these questions as if i ask bravely from any body will be called somthing else??

Ahmadiyya Schools and Hospitals in Africa by hosharba
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