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Behind the Bloody 9/11 Campaign

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As promised, here are the documents behind the unsuccessful propaganda ‘blood’ campaign by the U.S. branch of the Ahmadiyya cult.  It was such a failure that they have stopped updating their ‘blood newsletter’.

You decide whether this is a genuine humanitarian campaign or a political propaganda campaign:

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Behind the Bloody 9/11 Campaign
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4 Comments on "Behind the Bloody 9/11 Campaign"

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A khokar
Muslim you may be but being an American or Canadian; if you run a campaign like the one which is your subject matter— ‘Muslim for life campaign’. What is wrong in it?

It is absurd to expect from a citizen of a country to act other wise and become a traitor. I think the ethics demands of a person that either you love a country that you made it a home to live and must come forward even to die for it when the time comes or —–simply leave it.

Allah loves not the Hypocrites.

I agree that living in America or Canada one should be loyal and should not be a traitor. Let me tell you with confidence that almost every Muslims is already doing that.

How about your Ahmadiyya community does the same for Pakistan and other Muslim Nations, i.e., love and respect their laws, as you mentioned? On the contrary, we have seen otherwise from your leaders, mullahs actions, that they even went to the extent of praying for its destruction. What do you say? Is this not hypocricy or do as I say and not as I do?

A Khokar
Dear Peace,

Should i go with you as you say that like other Mullahs; Ahmadiyya too is urging their follower to betray the allegiance made to their new homeland .
Agree with Mr AK Shaikh who put up this post to portray the Ahmadiyya conduct as negative— of living up to their allegiance made with their new home lands and are even ready to give their blood.

It is a double whammy of show of Hypocrisy; isn’t it?

You have not answered my point “How about your Ahmadiyya community does the same for Pakistan and other Muslim Nations…………..” Your allegations that other so called mullahs are urging their followers to betray. Again I know these are the myths around which the Ahmadiyya faith revolves….. A.K Shaikh Sahib has said nothing wrong he is portraying the true face of Ahmadiyyat and how they are deceiving people to advance their agenda in this country. You can fool some people but not all of them. Certainly, by GOD A.K Shaikh Sahib and people like me are not going to be fooled… Read more »
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