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Behind the Bloody 9/11 Campaign

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And then the chilling letters outlining the propaganda plans:


Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatullahe Wabarakatohu!
Dear Mubarik sahib,

Alhamdolillah, the meeting of Qaideen with Respected Missionary In-charge, held this Saturday, was very productive. Many of the questions that came up have been addressed by Respected Missionary In-charge in a few documents that have been emailed to presidents, auxiliaries and the national team. It is essential to get information out to all Qaideen and MKA members in order for them to be effective with the Muslims For Life flier distribution and to work with other organizations locally.

As discussed, I have consolidated and attached some helpful material for the Muslims for Life Campaign, which I think you will find most useful in making good contacts for this event. As time is of the essence, kindly forward this material to Qaideen and assigned helpers as soon as possible. In addition to email, these should be posted these to the MKA website for reference.

1) ProjectPlanMuslimsForLife.doc – this defines the overall local and nation plan
2) MuslimsForLife_Aims_and_Objectives.doc – talking points helpful for the flyer distribution
3) Muslims For Life announcement-Basic.doc
4) Muslims For Life announcement-FAQ.doc

5) Muslims for Life Flier soft copy – for emailing: http://www.sajid.com/downloads/Muslims-for-Life-Brochure.pdf
6) Muslims for Life Flier INSERT – with space for Location and Timing of the Blood Drive (use adobe PDF reader to fill in): http://www.sajid.com/downloads/Muslims-for-Life-Letter.pdf

For any and all questions or help needed related to muslimsforlife, the Qaideen can email, info@muslimsforlife.org and the national team is already set up to provide support.

Was salam,

God Bless…Was-salam – and Peace!
Usman Choudhary,
Cell: (571) xxx-xxx8

And then the person who orchestrated all this — watch his video to see for yourself how sincere he is:

Dear President Sahib: AssalamoAlaikum!

We have all worked very hard and set up scores of blood drives – at our mosques and centers and in collaboration with our friends.  I want to say jazakallah ahsanaljazaa to everyone for a wonderful effort.

NOW as we get close to the end of August and beginning of September, I want to draw your attention to a crucial aspect of the Muslims for Life Campaign.


There will be a strong effort made nationally through a huge, co-ordinated, nationwide advertising campaign and we will do our best to get the maximal media attention so that everywhere people become aware of what we are doing.

HOWEVER, the greatest success will come if these efforts are added to by a strong outreach into the neighbourhoods around our blood donation sites in the days before the blood drive.  So I ask every one to:

1.    Please go into the neighbourhoods in a big way, in a co-ordinated way, and hand deliver the Muslims for Life flyers and additional information to tell the people about your blood drive…..wear your Muslims for Life T-shirts and spread the flyers in the thousands ..

2.    Go to your local RADIO and TV stations and seek their help to advertise these blood drives…go their wearing the T-shirts and give them the flyers and posters ..inshaa Allah you will be amazed at their happiness to see you.

3.    ALSO approach the local newspapers – again visit them if necessary wearing your T-shirts and armed with the flyers and posters. . OR . . hold some kind of an event and give them interviews and ask them to help you make the blood drives widely known..

4.    Post the information about your blood drive on all community bulletin boards, in shopping centers, in community centers, in schools and colleges and libraries and grocery stores.

5.    Approach your neighbourhood FIRE and POLICE Departments…some Jamaats have asked and they have agreed to come and park their Fire Trucks outside to help attract attention..

6.    And finally, I again ask you all to PLEASE pray for success and do also write to Hudhoor (aba) for prayers.

May Allah bless us all with brilliant success from Himself.  Ameen!
Naseem Mahdi
National Vice President and Missionary In-charge, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, USA
email: naseem.mahdi@ahmadiyya.us
cell: 301-xxx-xxx3

And then, advertising this on Indian-Pakistani TV channels !!

From: Waseem Sayed
Date: Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 3:32 PM
Subject: “Muslims for Life” TV Commercials will start playing from today Insha-Allah…let us reach out ALSO to Indo-Pak Communities and invite them to join us!

Dear All: Assalamo Alaikum!

We will have a 30 sec “Muslims for Life” TV commercial playing insha-Allah ten times a day for the next one month starting today on the following TV channels: Express News, DAWN, HumTV, TV-One, Masala, and Aaj TV.

The idea is to reach out ALSO to the Indo-Pak communities and invite them to participate in the nationwide Muslims for Life Blood Drives. It would be good for all of us to try and reach out also personally and invite these community members to join us in this wholly good, life-giving endeavor.

Was-salam, requesting prayers,

Waseem A. Sayed, PhD
Administrative Liaison
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
google voice: xxx-xxx-xx34
Guatemala Cell: 011-502-xxxx-xxx0
c: 909-xxx-xxx7
f: 909-xxx-xxx2

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Behind the Bloody 9/11 Campaign
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A khokar
A khokar
Muslim you may be but being an American or Canadian; if you run a campaign like the one which is your subject matter— ‘Muslim for life campaign’. What is wrong in it?

It is absurd to expect from a citizen of a country to act other wise and become a traitor. I think the ethics demands of a person that either you love a country that you made it a home to live and must come forward even to die for it when the time comes or —–simply leave it.

Allah loves not the Hypocrites.

I agree that living in America or Canada one should be loyal and should not be a traitor. Let me tell you with confidence that almost every Muslims is already doing that.

How about your Ahmadiyya community does the same for Pakistan and other Muslim Nations, i.e., love and respect their laws, as you mentioned? On the contrary, we have seen otherwise from your leaders, mullahs actions, that they even went to the extent of praying for its destruction. What do you say? Is this not hypocricy or do as I say and not as I do?

A Khokar
A Khokar
Dear Peace,

Should i go with you as you say that like other Mullahs; Ahmadiyya too is urging their follower to betray the allegiance made to their new homeland .
Agree with Mr AK Shaikh who put up this post to portray the Ahmadiyya conduct as negative— of living up to their allegiance made with their new home lands and are even ready to give their blood.

It is a double whammy of show of Hypocrisy; isn’t it?


You have not answered my point “How about your Ahmadiyya community does the same for Pakistan and other Muslim Nations…………..” Your allegations that other so called mullahs are urging their followers to betray. Again I know these are the myths around which the Ahmadiyya faith revolves….. A.K Shaikh Sahib has said nothing wrong he is portraying the true face of Ahmadiyyat and how they are deceiving people to advance their agenda in this country. You can fool some people but not all of them. Certainly, by GOD A.K Shaikh Sahib and people like me are not going to be fooled… Read more »

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