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Breivik Spoils UK Jalsa Theme

Basharat Nazir, together with Rafiq Hayat, had come up with a perfect Islamophobic theme for their 2011 Jalsa (convention):

— First, pay for a poll that would prove that Islamophobia was just the media’s fault,

— and then try to show they are working againt Islamophobia, although they are considered by many, including us, to be one of the leading Islamophobe groups who don’t let an opportunity go by. (after this post, the title was changed to ‘their “Islam”‘ from just ‘Islam’.  The URL still shows the old title.  At least there is some shame left.)

— Then Messrs. Rafiq and Basharat themed the same Punjabi Jalsa as Muslims Declare Jihad on Extremism” and then went as far as ‘30,000 Muslims to Stand United in Pledge to Counter Hatemongers

However, man proposes and God disposes!

On the opening day, Anders Behring Breivik changed the history of terrorism and a befuddled Basharat Nazir was left using words that other people wrote (2nd para) to blather some response to BBC (pictured left) and Reuters.  Islamophobia had been exposed as a real threat and the media, instead of being the ones fanning it, were left holding the bag for not having done enough about right-wing extremism.  So much for the cooked poll.


We deplore what Breivik did, and are saddened at the untimely deaths of children,  but it exposed the opportunism and shallowness of the Ahmadiyya leadership.  Evidently, Breivik was communicating with fellow Islamophobic EDL, but not with the Ahmadiyya Islamophobes.

Nothing can come out of shallow opportunism.  Messrs. Hayat and Nazir, your 2010 Hate Campaign was wasted, and now your 2011 Jalsa UK campaign against ‘hatemongers’ is wasted.  You have been exposed as the ‘hatemongers’, time and again.

Nothing will come of your plans, God willing.  It is time to wake up and start believing in Him, for a change.

Breivik Spoils UK Jalsa Theme
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I agree wholeheartedly with your views. Ahmadiyya are hatemongers and are one of the leading source of spreading Islamophobia in the West. They are doing it in such a way as if they have promised that this will be their main life mission. Their jalsa salana events are platforms for this purpose only. They incite non-muslims and spread false and misleading information to them, claiming that they are the only loyal, progressive and real Muslims and all others are fanatics, extremists, and followers of Mullahs etc. which is their usual rhetoric. A lot of people here in the West are… Read more »

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