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Canadian Ahmadiyya Leadership are Shameless Vultures

Sometimes, it really does boggle the mind.  But I really do not blame the poor cult followers, the Rizwan Rabbanis and their like.

There was a trial going on in Kingston, Ontario – about a bigamist who planned to have his ex-wife and daughters pushed into a canal while they were sitting in their car and make it look like an accident.  The motive was ‘honour killing’ as he was not happy with how his daughters had turned out.

While Islamophobic media was busy trying to join this crime to Islam, our Ahmadiyya leadership was busy holding ‘Mother Mary’ exhibitions in Kingston.  First of all, honour killing is a heinous cultural crime and has nothing to do with Islam or any other religion.  It happens in the West also and there are male victims in the East also.

Muslims ignored the coverage and tried to rectify the unwarranted media allegations.

Ahmadiyya, who never let go an opportunity to malign Muslims, dived right in and held FOUR ‘Mother Mary’ exhibitions in Kingston.  With NO women, as usual as their women do not even have the right to vote in their general body.

To use a tragic event and a trial in this way – SHAME on the Ahmadiyya leadership in Canada.  It is wrong at so many levels and does not make any sense whatsoever – that I will let my readers make up their minds.  Even the reporters who wrote about it in the article below were confused as to what to make of it:


Canadian Ahmadiyya Leadership are Shameless Vultures
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Its amazing to see grown men support this dictatorship of an organization.

Years of brainwashing is the only culprit.


Thank you for bringing this important topic to the forefront. The facts are that so called “honour killing” happens in every community unfortunately. It is a crime against humanity and has to treat be treated according to the laws of society. But to associate it to a particular religion and target its adherents is also an equal crime. What the Ahmadiyya community/cult is doing is trying to make a few bucks out of this like vultures eating the flesh of a dead animal. For them it is like make hay while the Sun is shining. They use their often self… Read more »

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