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From Germany An Ahmadi Family Quits Ahmadiyyat

6 or more people from Germany have quit the cruel system of Jama’at Ahmadiyyah.

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Basharat Ali
I belong to human beings and man has natural ability (Given by God) to think, do and say right or wrong things. I was thinking that ahmadis are more knowlegable and may be right for some reasons because I saw most of the ahmadis are in high status like business, education and other fields of life. I was absolutely wrong because ahamdis base is wrong. MGA was not only a mental person but also a deceased person. Read his life and you will found that his actions in childhood are purely abnormal. It is also law of nature that if… Read more »
You are proud 1, 6, 10, 15 people leave – We are proud thousands enter – which count is more – think .. think … think
By the way – Allah is the Master of the day of Judgement – who are you to judge anyone. Just look into your own self and ask for forgiveness.
If you have never read – Please Read the last verse of Surat Kafirun: “For you your religion and for me my religion.” I rest my case
Let it go
@as, So you have no respect for the 1, 6,10,15 people leaving your cult………??? and you are proud thousands ( supposedly ) entering your fake cult ……….!!!! Do you know that there is will be less people in Jannah than hellfire……….does it mean those entering hell are right …….?????? think ……think …………and think ……….deeply. Your cult is not more than a sham and a misguided faith of Mirza clan hence more deserving of Surat Kafirun. Also, what happened to your fake slogan of “Love for all hate for none”…….??? you forgot that already. What do you know about those leaving… Read more »

Even if 1 Ahmadi leaves…Alhumdolillah.

Let it go
congratulations and welcome to Islam! May Allah s.w.t. bless you. This is the time to pray for yourself and the entire Ummah. Allah s.w.t. will definitely answer your prayers. Also we need to pray for those innocent Ahmadies who are trapped in the cult for whatever reason it might be, that they cannot see how fake this entire cult is, and that Mirza Sahib was never a prophet or a messiah, but a liar and mentally deranged person.
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