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How MGAQ Interpreted The Hadith of Two Yellow Sheets?

How MGAQ Interpreted The Hadith of Two Yellow Sheets?

Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and the Yellow Color
By A.K. Shaikh
Translated by: Bashir Ahmed

Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani Sahib has laid the foundation of his claim and movement on two Yellow Sheets (besides other elements). In order to strengthen this colour, he has made all kind of efforts including taking help from “Shirk” [associating others with Allah]. But he forgot that Allah’s baton is soundless as His respite is extended.

How did Mirza Sahib treat this Hadith and the Yellow Colour, and how much did he distort it in order to achieve his mischievous agenda, and how far was he successful – the decision is yours. Mirza Sahib says:

“Most of you people have observed me in this condition [Translator: i.e. the weakness of MGA’s brain], and then, I have this (excessive) urinary illness for a very long time; as if the two Yellow Sheets have been draped around me – one at the upper part of my body and the other one at the lower part of the body. I get very little time while in a state of cleanliness due to these illnesses.” [Malfoozat 3/68-69]

“Yes, there are two diseases inflicted upon me – one at the upper part of the body and the other one in the lower part of it. Dizziness is in the upper part and excessive urination is in the lower part. And both my illnesses are present from the same period when I published my claim of Mamoor-min-Allah [appointed by Allah]. I have beseeched [for the healing from these illnesses] but got an answer in the negative and it was inspired in my heart that this [i.e. the two illnesses] has been made a Sign from the beginning for Maseeh-e-Mauood – for he would descend while clad in two Yellow Sheets, resting his hands on the shoulders of two Angels. Thus, these (the two illnesses of MGA) are the same two Yellow Sheets that have been embedded in my physical condition. Through the consensus of all Prophets of Allah, the interpretation of the Yellow Sheet is Illness and the two Yellow Sheets are my twin Illnesses. [Note: It is an open challenge to both the Gaddi-Nasheen [hereditary successor] of Mirza Sahib and his pseudo-200-Million-Followers to prove the unanimity of the Prophets in the light of the Qur’an. If they do so, then whatever punishment they prescribe to me will be acceptable. You will later read in the following section as to what has Allah called the Yellow Colour.] They (the twin illnesses) comprise of the two parts of my body and the same has been revealed to me by Allah that the real meaning of the two Yellow Sheets is actually the two illnesses. It was mandatory that Allah’s Decree be fulfilled. [Roohani Khazain vol. 22, p. 320]

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani says, “To such an extent it has been mentioned in the Ahadith that one should strive to prove his dreams as true, let alone a prophecy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Whoever gets such an opportunity, and still does not act upon it, and is not prepared to fulfill it; he is an enemy of Islam and who is bent upon proving the Prophet (PBUH) as liar (Ma’az-Allah).” [Malfoozat 3/66]

If we accept MGA’s argument then he himself becomes the enemy of Islam in the first place. In his own words, he saw the name of Qadian written in the Qur’an in his vision – and this copy of the Qur’an has not been seen yet. It is quite possible that some Ghaaeb Gaddi Nasheen [any absent hereditary successor] would reveal himself with that particular copy of the Qur’an wherein the name of Qadian would be written. The name of his (MGA’s) mother is also different from the name of Imam Mahdi’s mother as written in the Ahadith – but he did not change the name of his mother in the official records. In his vision, God executed His Power of Virility with him – but it is nowhere mentioned where did MGA fulfill this vision. Dear readers! Above all, the Maseeh was supposed to descend upon the white minaret – but our metaphorical shadow-Maseeh made this white minaret after his descent and named it as “Minarat-ul-Maseeh”.This is called: The Fulfillment of Prophecy. If he had not made the minaret, then not only he would have become the enemy of Islam but also the Prophet (PBUH) would have been, God forbid, a liar – That is a big favour to Islam and its founder (I’m sure, Ahmadi friends would respond to this objection by citing the Hadith of “Gold Bracelet”, and when the interpretation of Deen is done in such manners then why blame Laat and Manaat).

Dear Readers…! Please pay attention since we will now talk about the Yellow Colour.

MGA says about the two Yellow Sheets, “The two Yellow Sheets mentioned in the Hadith, about which it is mentioned that the Maseeh will descend being clad in them, are part of my life. Its interpretation according to Ilm-ur-Rou’ya [knowledge of interpretation of dreams] is the Two Illnesses.” Gentlemen! Now MGA’s word twisting and throwing dirt in the eyes in broad daylight can only be the work of this kind of Maseeh-e-Mauood. Hadith or Prophecy is being made a dream because the yellow colour means the disease in the dream. Bravo, Hazrat Sahib, on this daylight robbery. The talk is about the Hadith and you are distorting it with references to dream and its interpretation. Now, such a liar and a lowly person must be told about what the Qur’an says about the Yellow Colour. Just like him, his Jewish ancestors had also swindled and deceived and had argued nonsensically.

Allah ordains the ancestors of Mirza Sahib to slaughter the cow; and please observe what they say.

“And remember when Moses told his people: “Allah commands you to sacrifice a cow”. They said: “Why do you joke with us?” He [Moses] said: “May Allah save me from being an ignorant person”. They said: “Beseech Thy Lord on our behalf to make plain to us as to how should she be”. He [Moses] said: “He [Allah] says that the cow should neither be too old nor too young, but of middle age”; now do what you are commanded. They said: “Beseech Thy Lord on our behalf to make plain to us her colour”. He [Moses] said: “He [Allah] says that she is a Yellow-Coloured cow – pure and rich in tone and is admired by the beholders.”
[Al-Qur’an, Chapter: The Cow, verses 69-70]

Dear esteemed readers! Is there still any need for explanation about what actually is meant by the Yellow Colour? If someone has to come draped in the Yellow Colour, then does it actually mean according to what Mirza Sahib is saying, or will it be according to what the Qur’an says about the Yellow Colour. So, according to the Qur’an, he (who will come) should be a healthy person – neither a child nor an aged person. He would be young and devoid of diseases, meaning that he should be both mentally and intellectually superior as well as possessor of solid and healthy physical attributes – and not like a person who, if Allah sends him a message, would run to a Hindu boy to ask him decipher it. It is proved from every writings of Mirza Sahib that he used to do Taweel [interpretation] of everything so that it would somehow converge unto him. Now let us assume that if the Hadith or the Prophecy had been such that the Maseeh would come draped in two sheets while not mentioning the colour, then Mirza Sahib would have converged it expertly upon him like that: “Sheet is a draping and the Qur’an says that husband and wife are each other’s draping. Therefore, the meaning of Maseeh coming in two sheets would be of him having two wives; and I have two wives. Moreover, the mentioning of Maseeh in the Qur’an has thus been established, etc. etc.”

He made thousands of excuses for not performing every obligatory task. How much more and how often it is to be written; that he was such kind of a Maseeh-e-Mauood who had no money to pay Zakat [alms] but still made bets of tens of thousands of Rupees in gambling. As per his claim, he was ready to sacrifice his life not once but a thousand times – but he would only go to Hajj when all Maulvis would give him the written assurance that they would accept him and would not cause him any harm. And what to say about his two diseases when this showman Maseeh-e-Mauood is fully laden with countless diseases. He himself says about his condition: “I am a permanently ailing person, (inflicted with) excessive urination and continuous diarrhoea…. dizziness has also been happening. And the doctors have written that the end-result of such illnesses is epilepsy. Hazrat Sahib (MGA) has also mentioned Tuberculosis among his illnesses, which he contracted during the lifetime of Hazrat Ghulam Murtaza Sahib (MGA’s father). Many a time, I have heard from Maseeh-e-Mauood that he had Hysteria. He also used to have Hypochondriacs.” MGA writes to Hakim Nooruddin: “…. But not a single moment passes by without dizziness…. Since a long time, I can only offer prayer with difficulty while sitting. Sometimes, the prayer has to be abandoned in the middle. Often (the body) gets numbed and the feet are not firmly placed on the ground. Almost 6-7 months or more have passed that the prayer could not be offered neither in the standing position, nor in such a sitting position that is Masnoon [adopted from the pattern of conduct of the Prophet (pbuh)].” The sole reason for all the problems, viz. dizziness, headache, insomnia, depression and convulsion of heart, indigestion, diarrhoea, excessive urination and hypochondriacs etc., of Hazrat Sahib was the weakness of nerves. [References are from Review, Qadian dated. 7/5/1937 and other miscellaneous books and can be produced upon denial of the above].

Allah says in the Qur’an about those people who ponder deeply and do not ignore Allah’s Signs. These inebriated and devoid-of-wisdom Ahmadis should also ponder about it. “Those who, when they are reminded with the Signs of their Lord, do not treat them as if they were deaf or blind.” [Verse 25:74 – Translation taken from Tafseer-e-Sagheer by Mirza Mahmood]

Ahmadi Friends! It is really worth pondering over what the Qur’an tells us about something; and on the other hand, to justify his false claim how does this person (MGA) distort the meaning of the Qur’an and moulds it into his interests – i.e. the author of Interpretation of Dreams is Ibn-e-Seerin and he allegorically declares Yellow Colour as the Illness.

Now, he (ibn-e-Seerin) did not write this interpretation having received any Divine knowledge – instead, he conjectured it as an illness after having heard many such dreams and after watching people (who saw such dreams) inflicted with some illnesses (Allah knows the best). But this Hazrat Sahib (MGA) built such a tall structure of Nabuwwat (Prophethood) and Maseehiat (Messiah-ship) on the foundation of the Yellow Colour that he considered every healthy argument and person as insignificant against his own (MGA’s) illness. Take any excerpt or any claim of this Hazrat Sahib (MGA) – he will prove anything by inserting donkey’s leg, monkey’s face, camel’s torso, cat’s tail, snake’s eyes, rat’s ears and elephant’s tusk to shape a picture only to establish that it is “Mona Lisa”. You only need an imaginative vision to see it – and only he who accepts me (MGA) will have it.

Ahmadi Friends! If you are really concerned about your faith and you really want to follow the true Islam, then just demand from your Ahmadiyya Movement to publish all those Ahadith, with the original texts and all the scrutiny done by the scholars, which reveals the authenticity and testimony of such Ahadith, on their website as well as in the form of a book. No blaze can ever be to the truth. And if according to them, someone lies and accuses Ahmadiyya Movement of distorting (old) writings, then (by publishing the original texts of Ahadith and their scrutiny by the scholars) not only the milk will be separated from water but also Allah’s curse will befall upon the liars. Now, if Ahmadiyya Movement is truthful, then it should happen that all the material, upon which Ahmadiyyat is founded, should be made available without a moment of hesitation.


You will see that it will never happen. If this had been true, then Mirza Sahib himself would have written them with the original references in his own books. Please read whatever Mirza Sahib has written and then compare it with the original books of Ahadith; you will then discover yourself as to what is the truth and what is the falsehood. Distorting and misquoting the Hadith is only a norm – Mirza Sahib did not even spare the Qur’an and dug up to bring those kind of Qira’at [recitation] that would give any strength in any colour to his claims; no matter if you wouldn’t ever find the verse in any copies of the Qur’an kept in the homes of every Muslim. Not only that but you will never find the verse, upon which Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani has built his claim of “Muhaddithiyat”, anywhere in the copies of Qur’an kept by (Ahmadis) themselves, whether in the form of Tafseer-e-Sagheer or the one printed by the Ahmadiyya Movement from Surrey, England. And when they are asked that this word is not present in the verse, then the Ahmadiyya Movement would say with great haughtiness to go and ask it from “Bukhari” since the Qira’at of Ibn-e-Abbas is like that.

What is this Qira’at of Ibn-e-Abbas? Where is it? Who are the believers of this Qira’at? What Qira’at is it in the Qur’an kept in the homes of every Muslim? Why is this word “Muhaddith” not found in the Qur’an? Is it not a pre-planned scheme of Mirza Sahib and his Movement?

Has Mirza Sahib also made various Qira’at of his own “Wahi” [revelation] and “Ilham” [inspiration]? Of course, he has done that. And by presenting here only one such example, I end this article. [Translator’s Note: The author presented a scanned page from MGA’s own writings wherein MGA had mentioned different Qira’ats of his “Ilhams” (revelations, inspirations). MGA says that: The other Qira’at of “A Warner came to this world” in his book, Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, is “A Prophet came to this world”. MGA cites Fitnah (sedition) as the reason for not mentioning this other Qira’at in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya]

Now, to avoid what Fitnah [sedition] has it not been written? Who gave him the authority to alter the wordings of God’s revelation? How and when? Another detailed article would soon be written about it, Insha’Allah.

How MGAQ Interpreted The Hadith of Two Yellow Sheets?
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