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Nigerian Scholar on Ahmadiyya

Alhaji Sulaiman Aderounmu is the founder of an Islamic organisation, “Itaniji sinu esin Islam” in Ibadan. In an interview with the Nigerian Compass, he said:

Is it true that members of Ahmadiyya cannot pray behind an Imam who is not a member of the society?

It is true that the Ahmadists don’t pray behind an Imam who is not a member of their society and because of this, they are not given the privilege of performing the Hajj pilgrimage except they didn’t indicate in the hajj form that they are Ahmadiyya. . . . (continues talking about theology)

What are Islamic clerics doing on the Ahmadiyya’s case?

Even if a mother give birth to twins, they cannot have the same behaviour and Prophet Muhammed said when the world is coming to an end, there will be 71 different Islamic denominations and it is only one that will be His approved denomination because other denominations are founded because of what the Clerics want to eat.

Nigerian Scholar on Ahmadiyya
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