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Osama Sayed: a Revert’s Letter to Mirza Masroor Ahmad

Osama Syed, a former Qadiani Ahmadi, reverted back to Islam and started a very informative Web site: http://www.islamafterahmadiyya.com/

Here is his letter to Mirza Masroor Ahmad:

Mr Masroor Ahmad                                                                         Osama Sayed (London)
16 Gressenhall Road
SW18 5QL                                                                                          01/02/2013

Mr Masroor,

Assalaam alaykum.

As you have known for several months, I left Ahmadiyya and the corrupt beliefs of Mirza Ghulam in early June 2012. I have been very busy with work and general life events and so have taken my time in sending this letter.

Ahmadiyya turned out to be a group that was founded by a false claimant Mirza Ghulam of Qadian.

I suffered a great deal of pain since joining Ahmadiyya for 3.5 years, prior to leaving Ahmadiyya. I was insulted repeatedly and many people lost faith in my character because of my choice to join Ahmadiyya. So much information was withheld from me prior to me signing the Bayat form. Things such as Mirza Ghulam claiming to be a Prophet were not told to me, I personally justified it for myself after I found out. I personally equated the position of Mahdi with that of a Prophet. I was not told that once I accept Ahmadiyya that I am required to never pray with my Muslim brothers around the World. That I would effectively be cut off from the Ummah and cornered into the Ahmadiyya group forever. Nobody told me that I would be expected to NOT pray the Janaza prayer of a dead Muslim ever again. These are filthy requirements and they are not things that a Muslim does. You claim to be the True Islam, well, these actions (or omissions) are NOT what a True Muslim does. A True Muslim prays with his Muslim brothers and when one of them dies a True Muslim prays the Janaza for their Muslim brother who has departed this life permanently. It is disgusting that your organisation is so revoltingly arrogant that it does not allow its members to pray a Muslim brother’s Janaza. That dead brother is gone forever and he needs all the duaa he can get so that Allah may Show Mercy upon him and forgive his sins.

The arrogance of the Ahmadiyya organisation is beyond any level of arrogance I have seen in my life. So many of the Missionaries or Students of your Jamia are so arrogant but they disguise it with false humility. Yes some simple people cannot see it, but many others can clearly see it. Your workers on MTA programmes have this air of arrogance about them AS IF they understand the Quran and Islam better than all the other scholars of Islam. Mr Masroor do you actually know the whole Quran by heart? If you do then surely you know what Allah does to munafiks and the spreaders of fasaad in the Earth. This surely is a minimum requirement for the alleged successor of the Rejuvenator of Islam. It’s not an insult if I am stating a fact. If you do know it then why in every prayer I have prayed behind you that you keep reading the same verses? I also could hardly ever understand your accent when you said the verses although from certain words I could pick up the surah you were reading from. My point is not to point out your short comings as the alleged leader of the true Islam but to share with you my overall image of this corrupt organisation that is NOT the true Islam at all.
Mr Masroor if you are so knowledgeable in Islam then how do you not know that the Hadeeth that states ‘La Mahdi Ila Issa’ is a completely FABRICATED hadith. Prophet Isa and the Mahdi are TWO separate people and so Mirza Ghulam can never be both of them.

Many times I spoke to you about the vast majority of women in the Ahmadiyya community, who don’t cover properly. Their hijab is hideous; you see the hair from the front and then a ponytail from the back. Why is their level so poor if they are part of the true Islam? Your organisation should have mostly very high standard Muslims and then a minority of poor level Muslims. Instead the majority are poor level.

Every single Ahmadi I spoke to since I left Ahmadiyya had never heard of the quotes I mentioned from Mirza Ghulam’s books. Several of them are mubalighs who go around trying to shamefully ‘convert’ Muslims into Ahmadiyya. Yet they didn’t know. What happened to Mirza Ghulam’s requirement that his followers read his books THREE times? The fact is that Ahmadis are discouraged from reading Mirza Ghulam’s books too much as they will come across the information that proves he was either deluded or a liar and of corrupt character.  Of course if they leave then their families will leave and your organisation would miss out on millions of pounds in donations worldwide. If you think you know how the world works with all the corruption and hypocrisy then I can tell you Mr Masroor that I understand it too.

You would be nobody important if you didn’t have followers that you control and take money from. However if you said the straight word and renounced the false Mirza Ghulam then you would be someone important in the view of Allah swt. You would be someone who followed the Straight path even though you lost your position as ‘khalifa’ and all the money that went with it. You would be seen as a courageous Muslim brother, respected by all.

With regards to my experience, I patiently bore the insults and arguments and kept defending Mirza Ghulam because for 3.5 years I was convinced that he was the Mahdi, based on the limited information that I received. All this pain and then I found out the truth from Mirza Ghulam’s own books. I was so entwined in the mass confusion of Ahmadiyya for so long that it took me several weeks to realise that I had been conned into joining this organisation. On the one hand on MTA everybody is continually told of Mirza Ghulam’s alleged love for the Holy Prophet (pbuh) but then on the other hand, Mirza Ghulam claims to have more signs and be greater than the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Of course almost everything is in Urdu so I had to acquire the services of a professional translator to carefully read hundreds of pages of Mirza Ghulam’s books on the alislam website to confirm the content.

Guess what Mr Masroor? It was all true and NOT just allegations as you and all your Missionaries keep saying to the Ahmadis. You are all lying and not speaking honestly. Tell the Ahmadi people the truth then see if they CHOOSE to continue believing in Mirza Ghulam. Don’t keep tricking them. Give them the choice because some of them are unfortunately being killed in Pakistan because of the false Mirza Ghulam. They deserve the truth.

Mr Masroor I am not sure if your organisation has foreign Government support or not. However it would not surprise me if it did. After all what has your organisation done but attempt to pervert the Muslims from the honest and true path? Islam is about peace and never aggression. Self defence is permissible but not aggression against innocent people. Islam doesn’t need the pathetic attempts of Mirza Ghulam to remove Jihad from it. In any case many acts against Foreign occupiers are simply nationalist acts and have nothing to with Islam and Jihad. The people love their country, just like the Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims loved their country (India) and wanted the British out so that they could exercise their right to self-determination.

Mr Masroor do you know that colonisation was outlawed by most of the world because it was extremely oppressive and against human rights? Britain was the largest Colonial power and yet Mirza Ghulam stated that his followers should sacrifice their life and property for it. Mirza Ghulam was not from Allah at all.

Islam gives us freedom. Mirza Ghulam wanted Muslims to be slaves to the British in India.

With what face do you stand in your mosque telling people that they need to accept Mirza Ghulam as the so called Promised Messiah in order to become more complete Muslims?

You are a conveyor of poison and you must understand that Allah the Supreme will never forgive you for the corruption you are spreading throughout the Muslim Ummah.

One day when you are older you will be on your death bed and you will stare up at the ceiling of the room you are in, thinking about all the fasaad you spread just so that you could have power over people and take their money. You will wish you could turn back time so that you can leave the falsehood of Mirza Ghulam and the false Khilafat. Allah can Forgive you if you fix your path and stop spreading the falsehood of Mirza Ghulam. It will be too late for you later on in your life when you are old and fragile. Now you have health, you should use it.

Mirza Ghulam sold himself and any principles he had because he was poor and powerless. He wanted money and power. You do not need to follow his corrupt path.

I guarantee you haven’t read Mirza Ghulam’s books carefully. Remember he said that whoever doesn’t read them three times then his faith is questionable. You surely are of firm faith in Mirza Ghulam so have you read them three times?

Where do I begin with the shameful extracts of Mirza Ghulam’s writings?

Lets start with the fact that he was so desperate for the British in India to look favourably upon him that he relentlessly ‘begged ‘ their friendship. In at least ELEVEN separate letters to British officials he mentioned that his father gave 50 horses and riders to fight on the side of the British in 1857 against the freedom fighting Indians? Yes ELEVEN times. What Prophet of Allah is this Mirza Ghulam? You also know that he said that one should sacrifice his life and property for the sake of the British in India! You are extremely naïve or a liar if you state that this was because the British supposedly gave religious freedom to the people. The British LOOTED and pillaged the Indian wealth for over 200 years. So good luck to you and your missionaries who have such perversion in their heart that they try to justify the pathetic actions of Mirza Ghulam by continually offering their feeble ‘blanket’ defence of supposed religious freedom. India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 29% of the entire world BEFORE the British came and stole and abused their resources. After they left it was 7%. They kept taking the wealth back to Britain to inject the money into their economy for their own development whist the Indians starved from famines and died due to poor healthcare etc etc. Just to keep people quiet they would spend a little bit of money back on the Indians so that it looks like they are attempting to look after the Indians!

Do you know that the biggest source of revenue for the British in India was Land Tax and the sale of the OPIUM DRUG? Mirza Ghulam the false claimant stated on many occasions that the British Government in India were ‘benevolent’. What benevolent Government is the largest OPIUM trader in the world??? So Mirza Ghulam’s followers were supposed to sacrifice their life and property for Opium dealers???

Wake up Mr Masroor! God can forgive people as long as they repent when they realise they have done wrong, so if you want Janna that Allah Promises the righteous people then you must give up this falsehood. Yes you have plenty of money coming in and your children are well taken care of, but don’t worry Allah will not Abandon you if you stop this fasaad and do the correct thing.

Do you know what Mirza Ghulam’s biggest achievement was? It was abrogating jihad against the British in India. I’ll let you think about that for a moment. The supposed Promised Messiah’s biggest achievement was serving the interest of the British in India. The Opium dealers, the looters, the racist occupiers of Indian land were served so well by a supposed Reviver of the fair and just religion of Islam. The religion of Islam that promotes fairness, equality, honesty and integrity. What a disgrace Mirza Ghulam was. His character is so shameful that I would not pray next to him if he were alive today, let alone to believe he is a prophet of Allah. Mr Masroor you could never do what Mirza Ghulam did in India. So what higher example is Mirza Ghulam? How can you allow this man to be your leader?

Mr Masroor you must read more and find out more about Mirza Ghulam’s character. You claim that he is the biggest lover of our Holy Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). He claims to be a servant of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) but yet he claims that his coming was STRONGER, MORE FIERCE AND MORE COMPLETE THAN THE COMING OF THE HOLY PROPHET MOHAMMED (PBUH). What an insult that Mirza Ghulam’s biggest achievement was a service to the thieving and corrupt British Government in India and yet he claimed to have higher achievement than the Holy Prophet (pbuh)! Think about this and let it sink in Mr Masroor. If you told the people you do tabligh to, about this point they would run away from Ahmadiyya permanently. That is why it is never mentioned on MTA or in the usual books that are freely distributed like ‘Invitation to Ahmadiyya’. But you must do the right thing Mr Masroor.

You probably don’t know that the supposed heavenly signs of the Plague and the Eclipse are not heavenly at all. They were not instigated by Allah to prove the truthfulness of Mirza Ghulam or any other claimant. Do you know that the sun and moon eclipse of the specified days of Ramadan occurred at least FOUR times in the 19th Century? Its not a one-off miracle at all. So stop withholding this information from the people and tell the truth.

How about the Plague? Its possibly an even worse attempt to claim Divine Intervention! Mirza Ghulam claimed his ‘Yalaash’ (Mirza Ghulam said this is Allah’s name) told him about the Plague in 1898. The plague was already in Bombay (India) since 1896. The plague was ALREADY in India for TWO years when Mirza Ghulam claimed he received this information from his Yalaash. So once again there was no miracle. It is all a complete lie to fool the innocent people into thinking Mirza Ghulam is the Mahdi.

Mr Masroor you are better than Mirza Ghulam. So save yourself and do the honourable thing, don’t waste your life following in the foot steps of a weak charactered man like Mirza Ghulam.

Mr Masroor all of the above are not allegations, they can be proved if you go through Mirza Ghulam’s books carefully. Mirza Ghulam was really a very poor example of a human being, let alone a supposedly Divinely chosen man. There are so many things that you need to know and so have a think about the following:

  • He chased Muhammadi Begum for over 15 years and she still never married him
  • He used to use the OPIUM drug (this causes hallucinations and alters the brain function so even if he used it for medical purposes how can anything he say or claim be trusted. Furthermore why would Allah the Supreme choose such a man with such monumental deficiencies be His Mahdi). Mirza Ghulam also used to make his own alcohol and consume it.
  • He claimed that Queen Victoria was a Muslim. What a pathetic lie. If it was true then why don’t you tell all the MPs that you are always meeting? You don’t because you know you will be humiliated. Try giving a speech in the Houses of Parliament and say that.
  • He claimed that Abdullah Aatham was really a Muslim pretending to be a Christian, and Mirza Ghulam told his innocent followers that this was why Allah didn’t Kill Aatham. Once again why isn’t this excuse stated on MTA and in Ahmadiyya literature? You know why, because it’s a pathetic excuse that Mirza Ghulam concocted when Aatham did not die according to Mirza Ghulam’s fake prophecy.
  • Dr Abdul Hakeem was supposed to die too when he found out that Mirza Ghulam was a false claimant, according to Mirza Ghulam’s ‘prophecy’. Instead he lived long past the time that he was supposed to die before. Say this true point on MTA Mr Masroor.
  • How can anyone take Mirza Ghulam’s claim to be receiving genuine Revelations from the Allah the Supreme, the Creator of all organisms and Galaxies, when Mirza had pathetic ‘revelations’. Mirza Ghulam claimed that when he had intestinal pain, our Creator told him to “RELEASE”. To release his excrement and/or urine. Allah the Supreme who controls the planets and everything on Earth is really bothered to tell Mirza to release his excrement? How pathetic.
  • Mirza Ghulam claimed that Allah the Supreme informed him that he would suffer a loss on a journey. He claimed that it had been fulfilled by the Supreme Creator. How was it fulfilled? He lost a handkerchief. Yes a handkerchief, the tiny thing you wipe your nose with.
  • What about his disgraceful excuse for giving 5 volumes and not the 50 he said he would produce? His feeble excuse was that the difference between the two is just a DOT. Not 45 being the difference but a dot was his claimed answer. So in the chanda collections can any Ahmadi give 5 pounds instead of 50 because they want to follow the great example of Mirza Ghulam? Your organisation would never accept that. You cannot make rules up as you go along, but Mirza Ghulam thought he could. Instead of apologising to his innocent followers he arrogantly proclaimed that they should be happy with 5 instead of 50 because at the end of the day its just a dot. What a poor character he was.
  • Mirza Ghulam kept wishing his enemies would be killed by diseases such as cholera because they thought he was false. Yet Mirza Ghulam died suddenly due to extreme diahrrea and vomiting. Those are the symptoms of cholera. Consult a medical dictionary and you will see for yourself. Mirza Ghulam died the disgraceful death he wished upon the people who did not believe his claim. You must ponder upon this. It is very clear.
  • How about one of Mirza Ghulam’s biggest mistakes, when he asked his innocent followers to pray and donate their hard earned money for the British soldiers wounded in the Boer War in the Transvaal (now South Africa). The British were there to steal the Gold and Diamonds from the land and some of their soldiers were injured in the process. So the false Mirza Ghulam who is supposed to be the epitome of Justice and Honour actually does the unthinkable and backs the thieving British in their crimes against humanity. Undeniably shocking conduct. A disgrace not only to Islam but to Humanity. Scores of Historians (who are not Muslim and mostly British) condemn the conduct of the British in the Transvaal but up to date the Ahmadiyya organisation defends Mirza Ghulam’s unconscionable acts. How dare Mirza Ghulam ask for prayers and financial contributions for thieving soldiers in the Transvaal?
  • Mirza Ghulam actually drew up a table in his book which was to be filled with names of people that according to him were rebelling against the British in India. He showed himself to be a spy and an administrative assistant of the British in India. Now let that sink in to your mind. He was an assistant to thieving drug dealers. The supposed Mahdi awaited by the world. He so badly wanted to provide such services to the British in India that he should have just submitted his CV to them.

Mirza Ghulam was either deluded or a liar.

His disgraceful organisation has been misleading good-hearted religious Muslims for many years now. Muslims who want to improve their faith, fall into the clutches of the Ahmadiyya organisation and are fed all these lovely claims of Mirza Ghulam. How he is the awaited Mahdi and how the Ahmadiyya organisation are really just Sunnis who believe the Mahdi has arrived. When the truth is that the Ahmadiyya despises Sunni Muslims and tell their followers not to:

  • Pray with them
  • Pray their Janaza prayer when they die
  • Not to allow their daughters to marry any Sunni Muslim.

Not forgetting that Mirza Ghulam said in Tadhkirah that any Muslim who rejects him is NOT a MUSLIM. That means they are Kafirs according to Mirza Ghulam. All those honest sincere Muslims who pray all their salahs, give zakat, do Hajj and fast Ramadan are called Kafirs by the British India administrative assistant/spy Mirza Ghulam.

How dare this vile man say that about all Muslims???

Your slogan of Love for All Hatred for None is the most false sentiment I have ever heard. Your founder believed all Muslims are Kafir, so where is the Love for All? PURE HYPOCRISY. The Ahmadiyya organisation is run like a political group with false sentiments and false promises.

Mirza Ghulam’s picture is disgusting, one eye is closed just like some descriptions of the physical Dajjal that have been mentioned. Mirza Ghulam does not have any NOOR in his face. He just looks like a deluded confused man who doesn’t know that the left shoe is not supposed to be placed onto his right foot and vice versa (true and it is from his son’s book). Yes, he could not distinguish between the left and right shoes.

Your organisation lies to people everyday just like it lied to me and concealed all this information about Mirza Ghulam, the founder of this false sect. It lies to them in order to trap them into joining them. What happens when you join? People start thinking you have gone crazy, that you have become a Kafir. However people are patient because they really think they are following the true Mahdi that is awaited. Your Pakistani Ahmadis get killed in Pakistan for the sake of this pathetic Mirza Ghulam!!! Yet you just give a Khutba stating your condolences rather than saying the truth and freeing those innocent people from the Ahmadiyya life sentence they are in. You leave them to get slaughtered for nothing while you eat and sleep comfortably in London. You owe them more than that and you know this. Find some courage and stand up for the truth and renounce the falsehood of Ahamdiyya. Don’t worry about the consequences, you will be fine, Allah will Take Care of you. Have some faith.

Alhamdullilah that Allah the Most Merciful saved me from the falsehood of the shameful character of Mirza Ghulam and his organisation. I have returned to the True Islam with all my Muslim Brothers.

May Allah give you hidaya and the strength of character to stand up for the truth and leave the disgraceful organisation of Mirza Ghulam.

Allah Knows if the Ahmadiyya organisation will spread lies about my departure, as they have about many others. If they do may Allah Punish them Greatly for their lies.

Allah the Supreme, the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet (pbuh) are ALL that we need. We do not need any add-on prophet or deluded liar like Mirza Ghulam.


I do not care if you reply or don’t reply. I do not care if you reply with a completely stupid response or if you ignore everything I said and just respond with an ayah from the Holy Quran. I already know how the disgraceful Ahmadiyya organisation operates with its reverse psychology and various dirty tactics. May Allah Guide you and your followers.

Tell Ahmadis the truth about Mirza Ghulam from his own books.

If you want any further information I will supply you with it Mr Masroor.

Al salam ala man ataba al huda.

Osama Sayed from London


Osama Sayed: a Revert’s Letter to Mirza Masroor Ahmad
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