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Persecution or Ahmadiyya Intransigence in Indonesia?

Knowing how the Ahmadiyya leadership operates, this news report shows how they are pressuring poor Indonesian Ahmadis to adopt the ‘Punjabi’ way of non-cooperation.


“The presence of Ahmadiyah had been rejected some years ago in the area. Moreover, An Nur is not a mosque. It is a house and that’s why it can’t be used for Friday prayers. Residents in the neighborhood had frequently demanded the Ahmadis pray together with them in the community mosque, but the Ahmadis refused,” the police officer said.
The purpose of a mosque in a community is for cohesion, not splitting the community.  Ahmadiyya leadership wants to export Punjabi sectarianism to Indonesia.

Tebet subdistrict head Mardi Youce was also present and he said he tried to calm down both parties.“I can’t side with one party. Two months ago the [Sunni] Muslims and Ahmadiyah representatives signed a pact. The latter agreed not to do Friday prayers at that place anymore,” he said.

Aryudi admitted the meeting occurred, but said, “We only want to pray according to what we believe.”

So, once again, the Ahmadiyya leaders in England force the poor Indonesians to renege on their agreement and forcing them to not pray behind Muslims.  Please remember that the Indonesians had reached an agreement with the government a number of years ago that they would refer to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as ‘teacher’ and not a prophet.  Two days later, the England-based Khalifa forced them to renege on that agreement.
He went on to say that Ahmadiyah had been in the area since the 1970s. Aryudi added that most of the residents accepted their presence and activities. He pointed his finger at the preacher Syakir, blaming him for the Ahmadi’s troubles.
Yes, the zealots of the FPI are bringing this simmering tensions to a head and may be overreaching, but they are open to compromise.  The question is, is the Ahmadiyya leadership open to any compromise whatsoever?  Or, are they God-chosen ‘real Islam’?
Persecution or Ahmadiyya Intransigence in Indonesia?
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