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Questionable Rules And Conduct Of Ahmadiyya Canada

Ahmadiyya Canada’ letter addressed to one of the parties to a civil conflict being dealt with by their Qaza Board, is appended below.

In this letter Ahmadiyya admin has informed the complainant that as a member of Ahmadiyya Jamaat, he cannot approach the Canadian civil courts for justice in the matter. Ahmadies are prohibited from taking their cases to the court and anyone violating these instructions is severely dealt with.

This is horrible. No citizen of a civilized country can be denied the right to go to a court of law and seek justice regardless of which religion or cult he belongs to. Denying anyone this basic right is indeed a violation of the fundamental rights of that person. This also indicates that Ahmadiyya considers itself to be above the law and all moral codes.

And what is this Qaza board that is advertised to be much superior to the court system? It is a bunch of semi-literate molvies who are trained and educated in only one thing: how to serve the Khalifa, his family and his cronies and how to make fools of common Ahmadies. They have absolutely no legal training and no idea of how a court works. The “justice” they dispense is based on what position parties hold in the Jamaat and what kind of connections and influence they have, (besides how well they can make the Qazi happy).

As the facts stand, the party to whom this letter is addressed, complained against high-handed corrupt attitude of the Qazi, and requested that the case be transferred to some other person. The request was denied. The complainant decided to withdraw his consent to have his case decided by the Qazi. In punishment, he was expelled from the Jamaat and boycott orders were issued.

Subsequently the case was decided with consent of both parties by a panel of arbitrators including Akber Choudhry and A.K. Shaikh. The arbitration was done in a matter of two days. This is a real slap in the face of Ahmadiyya Qaza system. It also shows that arrogance and high-handedness are not the only ways to settle disputes. Akber Choudhry and A.K. Shaikh did not wield any authority over the parties except their voluntary consent. If they could settle the matter to the satisfaction of both parties then why could Ahmadiyya Qaza not? The only answer is that those in Qaza Board are inapt bunch of idiots.

Here is the photo copy of the letter of Ahmadiyya Jamaat Canada Qaza Board.


Questionable Rules And Conduct Of Ahmadiyya Canada
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