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Shandy Shah Murderer? And Faiza Bibi Expelled?

Fiaza N shandi shah

Shandy Shah Murderer? And Faiza Bibi Expelled?
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i dont understand why you guys look at the negative people. Ahmadis are the fastest growing community in the world. Clearly what they are preaching is right… In every religion there are people that do wrong doesnt mean the religion is wrong that just means that person is wrong. Open your mind and look at what ahmadis preach. listen to there khalifa and then decide for your self this is the one religion that is still attached to the true teaching of islam. In reply to this if your gonna tell me anything about shandy shaw or any other person… Read more »
No, you’re not preaching what’s right. You’re just a brainwashed follower. Masroor is no doubt a fraudster. And your cult is not connected to Islam. Ahmadis are the worst liars of all. This fastest religion will cease. Your goons even raped a little girl in Pakistan. So your Qadiani group forced Yousaf Ahmad to refrain from trying to get justice for the innocent but he refused to compromise on justice and truth. Ahmed Yousuf was a firm believer of the Pakistani judicial system and opposed the Ahmadiyya court called “Dar-ul-Qaza” the court which is owned by your Ahmadiyya Syndicate own… Read more »
Ahmadiyya cult largely ignores crime of their high ranking cult crooks & liars, and highlight other religious groups for their mistakes. Ahmadiyyat is a fraud in the name of Islam. Islam is a true religion that does not need the association of a fraudulent cult to survive. Allah s.w.t has promised that he will protect his religion, that means even from the fitna of Ahmadiyyat. Those who are working to expose this fraudulent cult and convey the true message of Islam, will InshaAllah see the reward in full on the day of Judgement. Allah s.w.t and his Messengers will be… Read more »
English title of videos & english translations would be helpful to those who are not fluent in other languages. Ahmadis should clearly take a stand and come out of the clutches of this cult. Is it worth risking life in hereafter for the sake of this life in the cult…….?
Fauzia Faizi
this is not surprising to hear because if they really started to screen people for positions, there will be no one to fill them because all of them have committed some crime, Ahmadiyyat is their Safe Haven..Criminals from Pakistan, especially, find Ahmadiyyat a place to hide yet live freely.
As far as Fiza is concerned ,she has not been excommunicated from the Jamaat officially only by word of mouth. This actually happened soon after she divorced and remarried. It has become more apparent to the public recently.
Please can someone translate this into English.

Thank you.

Fauzia Faizi
Here is a just some translation, although I do not read Urdu but someone told me and I cannot translate the rest. I hope someone can for you.

Is Shandy Shah a Murderer?
Was Fiza daughter of Khalifa Tul Rabia Mirza Tahir ahmad excommunicatd from the Jmaat??
Was Shandy Shah’s wife terminated from her position in the Jamaat by the Jammat??

These are three questions raised and then it provides more details of the questions raised above.

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