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Translation “La Haul wa La …….!”

La Haul wa La …….!

By Iftikhar Ahmad, Germany

Mirza Bashir Ahmad, son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, writes on page 308 towards the end of the 3rd volume of his book “Seerat-ul-Mahdi”: “If Hadhrat Aayesha (r.a.) had attributed the truth about Muhammad (PBUH) by saying that his Ikhlaq [morals, character] was the Qur’an, then we can also say about Maseeh-e-Mauood that his Ikhlaq was the love and obedience of Muhammad (PBUH). Allah says about Maseeh-e-Mauood that he is Allah’s Prophet in the semblance of all Prophets of Allah. There can be no better definition of him than this accolade. He was the shadow of all Prophets and possessed all the high qualities, morals, traits, attributes and powers of all the Prophets of Allah.

Let us examine with the help of the same “Seerat-ul-Mahdi” by Mirza Bashir Ahmad as to what “High” qualities, morals and attributes were possessed by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani.

It is written on page 268, volume 3 of Seerat-ul-Madi: “Dr. Mir Mohammad Ismael narrated to me that Huzur (i.e. MGA) always used to stand up to the right side in the first row near the wall during the prayers in the old Masjid-e-Mubarak. Imam [Prayer Leader] used to stand alone in the Hujra [small chamber]. Then, it so happened that a person became lunatic and started to stand up near Mirza Sahib and began causing him trouble during the prayers. Whenever he could only manage to get a place in the back rows, he would still jump several rows during each Sajdah [prostration] in order to come closer to Huzur (i.e. MGA), and caused him trouble. And before the Imam could finish prostration he would go back to his place. Fed up from this inconvenience, Huzur (i.e. MGA) started standing near the Imam in the Hujra, but the gentleman still continued reaching there too and still caused inconvenience. Mirza Sahib used to stand right behind the Imam in the first row during the Friday and Eid Prayers. That handicapped person, who was otherwise very sincere and was expressing his love according to his perception, inappropriately used to caress the body of Mirza Sahib with his hand to obtain Taburrak [blessing].” The point worth pondering is that a person carried on doing extremely vulgar and improper acts with the claimant of prophethood during the prayers over a considerable period of time, and kept his hand caressing various parts of MGA’s body, and kept on doing such acts while jumping over during prostration in spite of getting a place in the back rows, and disturbed the worshippers during their prayers by passing in front of them – yet, instead of denying him entry to the mosque, he was regarded in the book as a “Gentleman” and a “Sincere” person. Certainly, nobody can offer his prayers with concentration seeing such vulgar things repeatedly. It is quite possible that people primarily came to see this “Show” rather than to offer the prayers.

The moral values of this “prophet”, the claimant of possessing very high moral and ethical values, and his followers can also be appraised from the following excerpt written on page 243, volume 3 of Seerat-ul-Mahdi:

“My household, i.e., the mother of dear Muzaffer Ahmad, narrated to me that Hazrat Maseeh-e-Mauood usually used lukewarm water for cleanliness (in the toilet) and did not use cold water. One day, he asked some maid to keep Lota (ewer, a water-pot) in the toilet. By mistake, she kept there a Lota filled with very hot water. When Hazrat Maseeh-e-Mauood had finished and he came out, he inquired as to who had kept the Lota. When he was informed of the maid who had kept it, he called her and asked her to stretch her hand. And then he poured all the remaining [hot] water on her hands …… “ This must be the high moral value of the Qadiani prophet, that is why it has been written in his biography. Otherwise, nothing can be more unethical under the normal circumstances than to punish a maid by deliberately burning her hands with very hot water.

The “high powers” of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani can also be ascertained by the event written on page 4 in the 2nd volume of Seerat-ul-Mahdi: “Dr. Mir Mohammad Ismael, the maternal uncle of this humble-self, narrated to me that once it was needed to slaughter a chick at home. And nobody was available to execute this work, so Hazrat Sahib (MGA) captured the chick in his hand and started slaughtering her himself. But, instead of putting the knife on chick’s gullet, he cut his own finger by mistake which resulted in a lot of blood loss. He then stood up saying Tauba-Tauba [repent!] leaving aside the chick. Then, somebody else slaughtered that chick.” The claimant of the holder of supernatural powers could not even slaughter a chick.

Whereas, one of his (MGA’S) disciples, Qazi Yar Mohammad, writes on page 34 of his booklet “Islami Qurbai”:

On one occasion, Hazrat Maseeh-e-Mauood revealed his condition that the State of Revelation came upon him in such a manner as if he were a woman and Allah had expressed His Power of Virility. This hint is enough for those who can understand.”
(Tract No.34, Islami Qurbani by Qazi Yar Mohammed, a close associate and disciple of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad)

Allah’s Powers cannot be encompassed. Such was the calibre of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and the majesty of his endurance [which, in turn, is but a part of powers] that he survived the Virility of Allah. This humble-self is unable to comment further on this issue, since if I do then they will only complain.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani’s son has narrated some events, which are inappropriate for any noble person. But surprisingly, he has presented them as a part of his (MGA’s) Seerat. For example, he writes on page 213, volume 3, of Seerat-ul-Mahdi that while asleep at night he (MGA) was guarded by the disciples’ wives who used to be so close to him that they could even see his lips when they moved. Among those believers, Mai Fajjo, Munshiani wife of Munshi Mohammad Deen, and wife of Babu Shah Deen were named. The thing to be pondered over is that when these women were guarding a Ghair Mard (stranger) the whole night then where had been their own husbands during the nights. And then, were Qadiani men not capable of standing guard? Their tall claim was about the real Islam – but Islam absolutely does not permit any stranger to spend the day with a woman, and here the matter is about spending the whole nights. Surprisingly, these nonsensical things have been made part of Seerat. Perhaps these things would also be the high morals and traits of MGA with which he is being compared to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Another event has been narrated like this on page 210, volume 3 of Seerat-ul-Mahdi: “Dr. Mir Mohammad Ismael narrated to me that once Umm-ul-Momineen [mother of believers] told him that Hazrat Sahib (MGA) had an aged maid, named Bhanu. At one night when it was very cold, she sat to massage Huzur (MGA). Since she used to massage him from outside the quilt, she could not realise that what she was massaging were not Huzur’s legs but was in fact bed-frame. After a while, Huzur said, “Bhanu, it is very cold today”. Bhanu replied, “That’s right. That’s the reason your legs are as stiff as wood.” Mirza Bashir Ahmad wrote that Bhanu was a very religious and sincere lady as per her social ambiance.

After reading all the above events, it is learned that according to Mirza Bashir Ahmad: the person who caused inconvenience during the prayer was sincere, the women guarding MGA during the nights were also sincere and the woman massaging him at night was also sincere. If we accept that the characters involved in the above events were all sincere, then were (other) followers of this prophet, who was responsible for such un-Islamic behaviour, insincere?

Some of the traits and the high character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani have been described on pages 126-128, volume 2 of Seerat-ul-Mahdi, in such a manner: He used to wear Gharara [a loose baggy long skirt worn by women in the sub-continent, mainly in the villages]. The buttons of his shirt, jacket and waistcoat always used to be open or otherwise kept in the wrong grooves. He used to wear socks in such a manner that it kept hanging loosely either from the front side or at the rear. If his shoes were tight then he would lower their heels. While walking, his shoes would generate a sound like ‘Thap-Thap’ due to their condition. He would hang the bunch of keys with his silky Izarband [a cotton belt like a thin rope which is used to tighten baggy trouser (Shalwar)]. He would often wear right shoe in his left foot and left shoe in his right foot. While dining, he wouldn’t even know what food he was eating. He would take off his clothes and keep them under the pillow at night and wear the same badly wrinkled clothes the next morning. He would not change clothes everyday. He had also made a makeshift inkpot in the heel of his shoe by pouring ink there.

The reality is that it is impossible to detach the personality of the founder and then visualize and examine any group or a party. Believers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani must ponder a little by removing the cover of reverence from their eyes and see whether the reincarnations or the shadows of prophets are actually like him. La Haul wa La …… ! May Allah grant wisdom to the unwise people. Ameen.
Translated by: Straitforward

Translation “La Haul wa La …….!”
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