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Yasu = Ibn Maryam == Isa

Every time an Ahmadi sees what MGAQ said about Yasu of Bible and Isa AS they run away by saying that he was talking about Yasu not Isa AS. Specially when research was presented regarding what Mirza Sahib said about Isa AS in http://ahmedi.org/general/guns-aimed-at-isa-as

Mirza Sahib is saying about the Yasu of Bible “if he was pious and honest he would have never claimed divinity. readers should realize that harshness of my words do not refer to Isa AS but those words refer to the Yasu who has not been mentioned in Quran and Hadith”
This is a very IMP point and clue which people might not have realized. Mirza Sahib exactly knows that in Quran and Hadith the word for Isa AS is Isa ibn Maryam.
On the other hand he kept on telling his followers that he’s the same “Masih Moud” who has been promised in Ahadith.  Hadith doesn’t call Isa Ibn Maryam as “Masih Moud”. Here he’s caught red handed, he knows exactly that only Isa ibn Maryam is promised to come not Masih Moud.
(PS. Also, he is wrong in claiming that Yasu claimed divinity.Modern studies show that Yasu of Bible never claimed divinity, he just referred to God sometimes as “Father”.
Also, read what the Bible of Barnabas has to say, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barnabas
St. Barnabas said that John went too far and thought that Jesus was son of God. It is Barnabas’s gospel which contains the name of Muhammad and his coming prophecy. ” In some key respects, it conforms to the Islamic interpretation of Christian origins and contradicts the New Testament teachings of Christianity.”

My previous post. Mirza sahib says I am not referring to Isa AS of Quran and Hadith but referring to Yasu.
Over here he says “for this reason Maryam named her child as Yasu”
meaning he has using harsh words for Yasu Ibn Maryam but not Isa ibn Maryam AS of Quran and hadith.

Mirza Sahib says “muslims should realize that God doesn’t give any information on who Yasu was in Quran”
Then he made a serious mistake. Called Yasu by his Quranic name as Isa AS:
“Isa AS used to drink alcohol. May be due to some disease or may be an old habbit”
Over here he knew he was referring to Isa AS not Yasu. And obviously not masih moud which is he himself.
The point over here is to prove that Mirza Sahib in the back of the head knew that he was talking about Isa AS when he said Yasu or Masih Moud. Whenever you’ll present these points to an ahmadi he’ll say he’s talking about Yasu whose in the bible not Isa AS. This is proven by following points:

1.Maryam named her child as Yasu (mirza sahib said this)
2.Yasu is not mentioned in Quran and hadith
(to be noted, if Maryam named her child Yasu then Yasu is the person in Quran n hadith. Mirza sahib and his khulafa have presented a hadith which says about return of Isa As but instead of Isa AS use the name “Masih Moud”. So when Mirza Sahib says that Yasu is not mentioned in Quran and Hadith it means that he’s completely aware of the fact that by what name Quran calls upon Yasu that is Isa AS. So that clearly makes him a blasphemous person when he twists the hadith about Isa AS’s coming and changes the name to Masih Moud. )

3. Mirza Sahib was swearing at Yasu not Isa AS (because he said so.)
4. Mistake: Isa AS was also a drunker (like Yasu).
(note, at one place he probably by mistake says that Isa AS was a drunker, over here he forgot to call him Yasu or Masih. He made a mistake because at the back of his mind it was the same person all the time)

Meaning if Isa is not Yasu then Yasu is not Masih Moud also. They all have to be same if 2 of them are otherwise they are all different.
So according to what Ahmadis now say, Yasu, Isa Ibn Maryam and Masih Moud they are all different personalities. But Hadith talks about coming of Ibn Maryam, not Masih Moud which cannot be Yasu either. That means according to Ahmadis there are 3 types of Masih:
1. Isa Ibn Maryam
2. Yasu
3. Masih Moud (AKA Mirza Sahib)
If Ahmadis would agree that Mirza Sahib wasn’t Isa ibn Maryam, then they’ll be sorry to hear that Masih Moud is not mentioned in ahadith.
Yasu = Ibn Maryam == Isa
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Yousaf Ahmed

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Atiq Baloch
Atiq Baloch
yesterday March 11, 2012, I had discussion with two Murabis, Mr. Nasser , based at Khanewal and one Mr. Mansoor who came from Chenab Nager. i asked the same question and they replied that this was mentioned in Bible of Mathew, when copnfronted by me that when some one qouts the wording of some books, it is consider as if he was agreeing to the contents . they both ran away with the plea that they would come up with solid replies. lets see
Wonderful presentation!
This is great example of illogical and mentally confusing teachings of Mirza and Ahmadis.
Mirza first wrongly accused and then tried to steal the personality one of the mighty Messengers of Allah s.w.t. Isa Ibn Maryam. This is clear blasphemy. There is no such thing as Masih Moud anywhere in Quran or Hadith. Thus Mirza was like a fake Baba trying to make a few bucks out of gullible people. Indeed he did get some gullible people trapped in this Cult.
Well why do people try to find exact words ” Masih Mauood” in texts ???
Why do people have so many metaphors that they even forget the actuality of the word.
Let it go
Let it go
It is simple answer because MIRZA kept on telling his followers that he’s the same “Masih Moud” who has been promised in Ahadith.
To prove the point that there is no such thing as masih moud in hadith and Mirza lied again.
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