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Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(Ahmadi)
(1839/40-1908)* kitabul-burryia(p.146)

Hazrat Hakim
Nur-ud-Din Sahib

Mirza Bashir-u-Din
Mahmood Ahmed

Hafiz Mirza
Nasir Ahmed Sahib

Mirza Tahir Ahmed Sahib

Those Ahmadi brothers & sisters, who are presently suffering from this cult (Ahmadiyya Movement) and can not express themselves freely, due to the inhuman web of the Ahmadiyya system, to share their pain and suffering experiences in order to get rid of this slavery and to ease their lives. Let us join hands to break this circle of hate and live in the hatred free society, with a loving attitude for all humans. Email us at nakedahmadi@hotmail.com

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