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Wording of The Divine Revelation? - By A.K Shaikh (Original Article) Wording of The Divine Revelation?

By A.K. Shaikh

The commandment of Allah is: “Jihad (fighting in the cause of Allah) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing, which is actually good for you and that you like a thing, which is actually bad for you. Only Allah has the absolute knowledge but you do not know.” [2:216]

This commandment of Allah is obligatory on every Muslim and is valid for all times – just like none of the commandments of Prayer, Fasting, Hajj and Zakat (obligatory alms) are temporary. There are certain conditions, however, like Hajj will only be performed during the days of Hajj; fasting will be in Ramadan; prayers during prescribed timings and Jihad (Qitaal) [fighting by sword] when it becomes obligatory etc.

Now, Mirza Sahib’s declaration is:

“But this commandment (i.e. Jihad) was temporary and time-specific – it (Jihad) wasn’t meant for all times.” [Collection of Advertisements, vol. 3, page 223]

“We have written time and again that the Noble Qur’an absolutely does not teach Jihad.”
[Collection of Advertisements, vol. 3, page 250]

The following words of Mirza Mahmood Sahib, the 2nd Gaddi Nasheen [hereditary successor] of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib, would not be without much interest:

“I am not denying that some of the directives were changed during the time of the Prophethood (of Muhammad s.a.w.), but I do not find any proof with regard to any of the Qur’anic commandments that originally it was something else but it was changed later on. In my opinion, all those commandments that were temporary in nature were sent through non-Qur’anic revelations and did not get inscribed in the Noble Qur’an. That is why it was not required to alter the Qur’an.” [by Mirza Mahmood – reference preserved (available upon request)]

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib has repeatedly written in his books that he used to receive Wahi [Divine Revelation]. And he has also written samples of his Ilhamat [inspirations] and Wahi in his books with which his mental and intellectual level can be ascertained. But some of his claims in his books are such that they clearly repeal the basic tenets of the Qur’an. And Mirza Sahib presents these claims as the Divine Commandments of God.

Whereas, the Divine Decree is: “This day, I have perfected your religion for you” [5:3]

Mirza Sahib explains it in his own words as follows:

And it is not worthy for Allah to send a Prophet after the Khatam-un-Nabiyyeen [The Seal of the Prophets], and it is not worthy for Him to revive the lineage of Prophethood in spite of having terminated it, and to abrogate some of the Qur’anic commandments or add to them.” [Roohani Khazain, vol. 5, page 377]

Dear Readers! We all know that Allah revealed the Qur’an to His Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh), and the Prophet also attests and vouches that he himself does not have any authority to amend, alter or transpose the Qur’an.

Now, Mirza Sahib says, “It was written in the Ahadith earlier that fighting in the name of religion would be made Haraam [unlawful] when Masih would come.” [Collection of Advertisements, vol. 3, page 284]. Here, Mirza Sahib has cited a very feeble thing to abrogate a tenet of Deen.

Now, the Divine Revelation is sent down to Mirza Sahib with which he declares the fighting for the religious cause as Haraam [unlawful].

"From today, the human “Jihad” that used to be performed with sword has been abolished by Allah's orders". (Majmooa Ishteharat, vol. 3, p. 295).

A Question to Ahmadiyya Movement!

The abovementioned Divine Injunction, which according to the advertisement of 28th May 1900, was sent down to Mirza Sahib. Then, what were the original words of that Divine Revelation or Injunction?

Does this (alleged) revelation of Mirza Sahib not repeal this Qur’anic commandment? “Jihad (fighting in Allah's Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it.” [2:216]

Does any human, even though he might be a Prophet, possess the authority to abolish the Words of Allah (Divine Commandments)?

The question to Ahmadiyya Movement is: what are the original words of the Wahi or Divine Injunction by which the Jihad with sword was abrogated (by Mirza Sahib)?

A. K.Shaikh

Note from website’s challenge to Ahmadiyya Movement is: if the Movement provides the original wording of the Divine Revelation (about abolishment of Jihad) sent down to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib, then this website will give a reward of USD 50,000 (fifty thousand US Dollars) to the Gaddi Nasheen [hereditary successor] of the Movement. In this regard, the Movement may also seek assistance from its Non-Pledging Group, viz. Lahori Group. announces unequivocally to both groups of Ahmadiyya Movement that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never received any such Divine Injunction. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad stated lies and wrote lies – and he was also false in this claim (about the abrogation of Jihad).

A.S. Khan

Translated by: Bashir Ahmed

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