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Natural Disaster and Insensitive Masroor

Since the creation of the planet earth and the known history of mankind, there have been both man-made and natural disasters. Natural disasters have killed countless humans. Natural disasters, in the form of floods, earthquakes, volcanos and famines etc. have killed humans and will continue to do so. Humans know that everything starts from a point and culminates in death, which can be natural or accidental (that includes death from a natural disaster). Some religious people regard natural disasters as a warning or sign of anger of Allah and exhort repentance and prayers (to seek forgiveness of sins) to escape from them. This is also claimed that when evil spreads in a nation or society, or they reject an appointee of Allah, then Allah’s wrath manifests itself in the form of a punishment on that society. Allah’s appointee also warns the society in his capacity as a Warner to accept Allah’s message and not to invite Allah’s wrath by rejecting it. (Please note that there is no basis for such a theory in the Qur’an).

Just as humans have killed millions, natural calamities have also claimed millions of lives. The year 2004 that finished only a few days ago, gave the Tsunami disaster as a parting gift. People who lost their dear ones are alive, but they are worse than the dead. My heart is bleeding as I am writing these lines. The day it all happened was like the Doom’s Day for me. I cannot hold my pen. I have difficulty in breathing. My hands are trembling. I shiver if this had happened to my mother, sister, daughter or wife, could I have been able to live? If my father had vanished in cruel waves in front of my eyes, or my brother had asked me for help while drowning, or my son had extended his hands towards me seeking my assistance to save him, what could have I done? I wish I had perished and this calamity had not struck and all those innocent people of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Somalia and Thailand had survived!

In my view, it is the moral responsibility of all inhabitants of the earth to assist those affected by this disaster. They should assist financially and otherwise without any distinction of colour, race, religion or language. Not only the affluent countries, but also all those organisations that belong to fine arts, literature, religion or politics, must take part to the best of their capacities. I have to account for myself. What am I doing? Am I doing enough according to my duty and capacity? Are people around me recognising this disaster with the same intensity? I am aware of my limited resources and weakness. Still I request all to regard the pain of all those affected as their own pain and to assist them in all possible ways. At this juncture, I lament those insensitive people who claim to establish peace and to alleviate the sufferings of this world and who are also extremely rich. It is a pity that not to speak of expressing sympathy, they have not even mentioned about this tragedy as news.

What do you say about that man who claims to be the only true and legitimate representative of Allah on this earth? This person should have felt the sufferings of his fellow human beings and done his best to alleviate them. I pity this man that this great tragedy occurred on 26 December 2004, and in his Friday sermon that this self-appointed representative of Allah delivered on 31 December 2004, he did not even hint at this tragedy, let alone express any sympathy (with the victims). The Jama’at this leader represents has multi billion dollar funds at its disposal. They have so much money that they are splashing it unnecessarily everywhere by purchasing properties. This “Jama’at” has reached that level of hypocrisy that is unparalleled. “Jama’at” has appealed for contributions (“chanda”) on its web site. It is a matter of shame fort this “Jama’at” and its self-appointed “khalifa” that they have appealed to ordinary people despite having billions of dollars at their disposal. They intend to donate later on after making collections. It would have been more appropriate for this self-appointed representative of Allah to donate 5 or 10 million dollars without any delay and without any collections. But it is a pity that he did not even mention about this tragedy in his international sermon. Perhaps even the hell fire would not be sufficient to warm the blood of this “Jama’at” and its leader. I regard it below my dignity to use the type of language that the founder of this “Jama’at” used. If I did use similar language, then the real person worthy of the founder’s 1000 curses would have been Hazrat Mirza Masroor.

Pity on our lack of success that caravan (of the nation) lost all its possessions.
(Worse is the fact that) the caravan does not even realise its loss. (Iqbal)

A.K. Sheikh”

Translated by Muslim1

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