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Zurriyyat-ul-Baghaaya (Offspring of Prostitutes)



Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani has shrieked abuses at those who did not accept him by calling them Zurriyyat-ul-Baghaaya, which literally means Offspring of Prostitutes. The word Al-Beghaa has been used in Surah Al-Noor to describe prostitution and fornication while the word Baghiyya was mentioned in Surah Maryam to indicate an Unchaste and Immoral Woman.


The controversy surrounding this abusive word is such that the followers of Mirza Sahib demonstrate their cowardice by hypocritically and unethically claiming that neither he abused his opponents nor did he label them as Offspring of Prostitutes by using the word Zurriyyat-ul-Baghaaya. Instead, they claim that he had used the word Zurriyyat-ul-Baghaaya to call his opponents only as offspring of disobedient and misguided women and that too wasnt directed at the Muslims, anyway. These interpretations of Ahmadis and their Gaddi Nasheen Khalifahs [hereditary caliphs] are so feeble that a great majority of their own candid people does not get satisfied with this false clarification. A simple solution would be to investigate what inference was actually deduced by the same person who had originally used this abusive word and in what context he employed it. After this analysis, it would be simple for Ahmadiyya Movement to arrive at the right conclusion as to whether its interpretations are correct, or they are against the holy wishes of the founder of the movement, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. That is, Huzoor (i.e. MGA) is actually bent upon hurling abuses, but his followers are watering them down being apprehensive of the public anger.


We will first present those references where Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani Sahib himself has written the meaning alongside the word Al-Baghaaya.


[Note: Transliteration of the complete sentence is not being written here and only the relevant word Al-Baghaaya and its corresponding Persian translation, as written by MGA himself, is given below. The necessary cross-references to MGAs books are duly given just below the partial transliteration.]


1) Presented below is (the English translation of) what was written by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani when he himself translated the word Zurriyyat-ul-Baghaaya.


"And this should be known that he who is legitimately born and who is not a descendant of Immoral Women and Dajjal would opt for one of the two things.  [Roohani Khazain vol. 8, p. 163]



2) [Arabic wording by MGA] alal-Baghaaya .

[Persian translation by MGA] . Zanaan-e-Fasiqa

[Roohani Khazain vol. 16, p. 426]


[Translation of MGAs Arabic and Persian wordings: And they are deluded by their Devil through Corrupt Women]



3) [Arabic wording by MGA] .. Baghaaya al-Souq .

[Persian translation by MGA] . Zanaan-e-Bazaari

[Roohani Khazain vol. 16, p. 427]


[Translation of MGAs Arabic and Persian wordings: And the Street Women gather and meet them sometimes at night]







4) [Arabic wording by MGA] tilk-al-Baghaaya .

[Persian translation by MGA] .... Zan-ha-e-Zania

[Roohani Khazain vol. 16, p. 371]


[Translation of MGAs Arabic and Persian wordings: But they surely become happy seeing these Adulteress Women and kiss them]


5) In the same Volume-16 of Roohani Khazain, Mirza sahib has used the words Al-Baghaaya and Baghee-a almost 10-11 times spreading over pages 428 to 432 and has himself translated it as Corrupt Women, Immoral Women and Street Women etc.



On Page 232, Volume-12 of Roohani Khazain, Mirza sahib writes, You have quarreled abusively like an Unchaste Woman. He then writes on page 235 of the same book, And you have danced like an Unchaste Woman.


We now look at the original excerpt from his writings wherein he has hurled abuse toward all Muslims, but his followers claim that he had only meant Offspring of Rebellious Women instead of Offspring of Prostitutes. He writes:


"All Muslims look towards these books with eyes of love and affection and benefit from their wisdom and everyone accepts me and attest to my message except for Zurriyat-ul-Baghaaya (Translation: children of prostitutes), whose hearts have been sealed by Allah, so they don't accept." [Roohani Khazain vol.5, pp.547-548]


Now, one thing is as clear as daylight it is being mentioned here that Muslims hold these books in high esteem, and Mirza sahib considers only those as Muslims who accept all his claims and avail benefits from his books. And those who do not accept Mirza sahibs claims and avail no benefits after reading his books are the Offspring of Prostitutes and Children of Immoral and Street Women, as defined by Mirza sahib himself. Owing to this abuse and obscenity of Mirza Sahib, the poor woman is logically the culprit, whose only crime is to have given birth to those men and women who have not accepted Mirza Sahibs claims. It is apparent that the men, who became accomplice in producing such people with these Prostitutes and Immoral Women, are those who performed fornication as per Mirza Sahibs ruling. And what about the other relatives of such women?


Talk has just begun, lets see how far will it go?


The meaning of the word Al-Baghaaya is absolutely clear from what was written by Mirza Sahib himself in the first of the given references. He says, He who is legitimately born and who is not a descendant of Immoral Women ...


Now, anybody in possession of an ordinary knowledge can also understand that the word Halaal [Lawful, Legitimate] is exactly the opposite of Haraam [Illegitimate, Forbidden], which clearly shows that the Offspring of Immoral Women would also be Illegitimate and not Lawful.


Whatever kind of curtain Ahmadiyya would like to put on this shameful excerpt, or no matter how they assure their brainwashed people, it will be of no consequence.


Now, lets analyze the situation from a different perspective.


Presently, Ahmadiyya people can be divided into two categories. In the first category are those who are the descendants of their forefathers who accepted the claims of Mirza Sahib and took the pledge of allegiance - they are guaranteed of a place in the Paradise. But they are a tiny minority among the 200 Million followers and probably about 1% if not 0.5%. In the second category are those people who are the descendants of those ancestors who neither accepted Mirza Sahibs claims nor did they hold his books in high esteem and regarded him rather a Liar, Fabricator and Deceiver - thus they all happened to be, as per the Fatwa of Mirza Sahib, the Offspring of Zanaan-e-Bazaree [Street Women] and Prostitutes. What kind of progeny would the second category be called as they converted to Ahmadiyya after the death of Mirza Sahib, and who are in the majority in the Jamaat?


Take another classical example. Madam Hurmat Bibi, the first wife of Mirza Sahib, not only never accepted any of his claims but also denied him openly, instead. Similarly, his two sons, Mirza Sultan Ahmad and Mirza Fazal Ahmad, openly regarded their own father, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, as Liar, Fabricator and Unfaithful person, and denied taking pledge of allegiance to him. One of his two sons died within the lifetime of his father and the other preferred to be disinherited and endured his mother being divorced, but refused to bow to such threats and pressures in front of the same person whom he had regarded as Liar and Fabricator. Therefore, Mirza Sultan Ahmad was also liable to the same abuse [Zurriyyat-ul-Baghaaya] that was already conferred upon other Muslims by his father, as a part of his [Mirza Sultan Ahmad] mothers legacy. Now the situation is that the grandchildren of the same Mirza Sultan Ahmad, and in turn the great-grandchildren of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, are the leaders of Qadiani group. While one [of the grandchildren of the same Mirza Sultan Ahmad] is the Nazir-e-Aala of the central committee, his other brother is the second-in-command of the Khalifah and Ameer-e-Jamaat in Pakistan. Can someone explain whose offspring they are, according to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadianis dictionary?


Ponder yourself a little over your exploits

You will only complain if we say something


How sad it is that Mirza Sahibs claim is that of Prophethood, and the caliber is such that he would declare anyone as the Offspring of Prostitutes whosoever does not agree to his claims, his books and his scholarship. And, in spite of supposedly having the vision of Prophets, he cant even see that his own biological children might fall victim to his outburst, maneuvers and edicts. Inna Lillahe wa Inna Ilaihe Raajeoon. This is called the Divine Seizure.


Ahmadiyya Movement not only has to renounce such writings but it must also apologise to the whole Muslim world for such obscenity and abuse.


By A.K. Shaikh


why would a wise person do something that would ultimately cause embarrassment



Translated by:




[Translators Note: There was a minor error in the first paragraph of the original Urdu article with regard to the meaning of the word Baghiyya in Surah Maryam. The correction was taken into account in the translation.]

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