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[ARABIC original]

An Announcement: So Listen, O People of Enmity

O viewers! Know that Allah has had mercy on you and provided for you a pleasant provision out of His overt blessings and His covert subtleties. This book is a message that has been finished with the help of God – full of intricate secrets of the Lord and composed of the best of literature. And its sweet speech is indeed like a verdant garden in which nightingales sing with the utmost clarity. And its fruits fall on the hearts of men of letters. And whoever devotes himself to it with purity of intention and genuine effort – will no doubt recognize the eloquence of its words and the ingenuity of its prose. And he will recognize that is is superior and more beautiful than ordinary compositions. And it is prettier than most human writings.

And whosoever adopts the style of the accursed and obstinacy will be denied its blessings and he will deliberately leave the path of fairness and integrity though he himself may be of those who are certain.

So now we address this group of deniers whose names I have mentioned in previous observations about those who have disbelieved in me and called me a liar. I mean, the Sheikh of Falsehood [a pun on 'Batalvi' – arabic bataalah] and others of his ilk from among the most corrupt of the evildoers. They argue with me concerning this but why don't the demonstrate something similar? So that it will lay bare their skill and uncover their insults and will humiliate in the eyes of their ignorant followers. And whoever from among them writes a booklet similar to this one in three months following this Wednesday – will surely make me a liar truly and justly and will have proved that I am not from the Presence of the Singularity. Is there anyone from the living who is alive to carry out this plan? And save from the division of the Nation [Islamic Nation] and demonstrate to men of letters that he is illiterate and does not know the way of prose-writing. And make it known to everyone that he is of the defeated, and Allah will take away his eyesight with a lightning bolt from the sky and then he will live as the [?] lives among lizards, and [this is how Allah] blows out the intensity of the fabricators.

O lying people who call me a liar! What is with you that you don't come and don't engage in the struggle? And you call and then you don't duel? Curse be on you and your deeds – O group of ignorants!


Ghulam Ahmad the Qadiani

26 May, 1897

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