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Appendix to Hujjatullah

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful

We praise Him and invoke His blessings on His noble messenger

Man is (self-)destroyed: how ungrateful! [80:17]

O viewers! and literary critics! You know that I have written a few books in Arabic before this one; and I gave those books such beauty like houses built on hills and adorned; and you saw them speak out like Omani jewels; and you felt their wisdom. And I expected scholars to count them among signs and tighten their loincloths with healthy intentions in order to aid me; and I never gave up comforting myself with this idea until I found them of corrupt intention and action; and it dawned on me that my cognition had failed and the eyes of the scholars had not opened; and I saw despair and the remnants of optimism were cut off.

And it reached a point that the Sheikh [Batalvi] became a barrier to seekers; and he criticized my writings and spoke about my words, saying: “it is but degenerate discourse and it is not good discourse; it resembles foul and base [language], lacks clarity and does not have any of the best abstractions and similes.”

And all the pearls of Arabic that I had set in my books – and the rarities of prose, and the subtleties of speech, and the elegant points of logic – this aforementioned wicked person intended to blow out their light and stop their appearance and turn people into deniers or doubters. And with that he claimed to be flowing with literary prowess and possessed of literary riches and of those separate from others in their uniqueness.

And thus he deceived people with his falsifications and caused boys to laugh out at his antics, and he came forward with clear lies. We came with fresh pearls but he did not appreciate it; and we shook tree branches on him [to dislodge fruit] but he did not consider it to be our fruit and did not see its sweetness. Moreover, he increased in meanness and enmity like arrogant ones. And he said, “the books of this person are adulterated with errors and omissions, and empty of literary subtlety and well-known adages, and not like clear flowing water.”

Thus, he did not judge by what was incumbent, but rather, he hid the truth and forbade and concealed. And he deceitfully pushed away people after having been enamored of my writings. And he knew that suppressing [truthful] testimony is a sin, and the denial of a truthful person is wickedness -- yet, he followed the World instead of the Hereafter and preferred his base self over the Presence of the Singularity [God]. And Allah wished that he be raised, but he clung to the earth [ref to 7:176] like evildoers do.

And there is no virtue in his person except exaggeration like women and the ability to fool people by the glibness of his tongue. And he is of the slick liars; and he wants to blow out the light [ref 61:8] -- with darkness and lies – and increase the transgression and disbelief of people, and turn ignorants away from the truth. And, by God, he does not know eloquence and its branches, and nor how it is produced and delivered. And he has not reached any stage of the stages of literary understanding; and he is like cattle, and of the deprived.

So, the thing that will let people escape from the calamities of his lies and the dust of his writings is: If we present to him a writing from us and another writing from some literary Arab writers; and hide our name and the names of these authors; and then we say to him, “tell us about our words and their words” if you are truthful in your criticism. So, if he recognizes my words and their words and he is right in whatever finds, and can distinguish between them as the seed splits from the date-fruit [6:95] – I will give him with fifty rupees as a reward from me or as a penalty and it will be considered a miracle shown by him, and we will count him among the learned writers, and we will accept that he was among the truthful in his criticism. So, if he agrees to this test and ready for this combat in the field, he should inform us with good intention like righteous ones. And he should publish this plan in magazines and newspapers – like those of truth and certainty.

And when I receive information about this advertisement, I will send him some pages for this test, so that Allah may decide between me and this ungrateful [or kuffaar – disbeliever] and he is the Wisest of the Judges. For a number of years I have seen that this man has not desisted from his delirious ranting and does not fear that Allah will hold him to account. So, his stinginess has prompted me to propose this test. So, if he takes to the field and proves what he claimed and he can distinguish my words from the other writings, his will be what you have just heard from us and has been mentioned. But if he curves up his tail and bends it up, and does not ask of us what we have promised, and does not undertake it; but rather he slithers and enters his hole and hides – and does not leave falsification [of me] and does not stop it – then Hell is for him wherein he will not die nor live [20:74]. And peace be on those who follow the guidance [20:47].


Ghulam Ahmad the Qadiani

26 May, 1897

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