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[Urdu original]

A Testimony

The advertisement printed in full below has been sent to us for publishing by a monastic (hallucinating) fakir [dervish] who has been living in Sialkot for the last twelve years. As such, we copy it here verbatim* :

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful

Advertisement for Release

With the grace and revelation [ilhaam] of God; with the spirit of the Accepted Prophet (saw); with the spirit of all the martyrs; with the spirit of all the saints; with the spirits of all friends [of Allah] who are on the earth; and those spirits that are aware of all fourteen stages: I have received witness and revelation [ilhaam] from all these that God has sent Hadrat Mirza Sahib. There were serious tribulations in the religion of the Accepted Prophet (saw) and it became extremely weak. Thousands of accursed sects like Christians and Rafidi [Shia] appeared and became the cause of misleading people – and that is the need for sending the Promised Messiah. The remedy of these terrible afflictions that have appeared now was indeed the work of a heavy-weight prophet. But because there was no prophet to appear after the Accepted Prophet, God sent Hadrat Mirza Sahib, who is the turban of the Accepted Prophet. Those people who think that Hadrat Eesa was lifted up to the sky with this body are liars. No one has gone to the sky without tasting death and with the body. O Scholarly [hereditary] custodians [of shrines]! O [hereditary] custodians [of shrines] who are of the family [of Muhammad (saw)]! Listen and remember! Very soon, a very heavy majestic testimony to this movement is about to appear from the sky! God Himself will very strongly bear witness. Then you will be extremely humiliated and disgraced in your opposition. This advertisement of mine is true and is the copy of the Preserved Book [reference to the eternal Protected Tablet – the Lauh Mahfooz – in other words, “has been copied from the eternal record of fate” i.e. From God]. I am seeing that God is very angry at you because of this opposition. The Accepted Prophet is extremely exasperated with you.

The Advertiser:

Faqir Muhammad – Sialkot - bar lab aik, Bagh Basti Wala

28 May, 1897

[bar lab aik may be a slogan meaning “One on the lips”]


*This fakir possesses greatness and is well known in his area

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