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Well if you haven’t already noticed, the site has changed once again. With the recent attacks on the site, the YouTube channel and email accounts we figured why not improve rather maintain the old.

A few changes you see & few more to come:

1. Brand new site
2. Brand new look
3. The original site & articles will be up shortly
4. A second ahmedi.org site (this one is going to be good)
5. Mobile site (iPhone & Android phones visit the site and see now!)

Now, I know that you guys have been trying real hard to do whatever it is that you are doing. My only message to you is again it is fine!!! Keep doing it you are only wasting your own time! For me it’s as simple as uploading a compressed file and the site is back. This is childish it really is, but there is an old saying:

Kids will always be kids!

Thank you everyone for your support and as promised change is coming!

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