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*Update Oct 6th, 2009*

Most of you should have access back to the site for anyone that still cannot access it or you know of someone that is not able to view the site. The directions below apply that will be the only way to gain access back to the site. For everyone else Welcome back and enjoy the new look and wait for what we have in store next!

Very Important

If you or someone you know is having any issue accessing / browsing the site please send us the required information below to the following email address: ahmedi_org@hotmail.com

1. IP Address
2. City & Country Browsing from.
3. Any error message they are receiving when trying to access / browse the site.

* Please note we will not share the requested information with anyone we only require it to get you access back to the site. Your information will be reviewed to find a solution and then deleted.

We would like to thank the visitors & supporters of the site. The previous month had some challenges when it came to security & maintaining up-time. The site had been plagued with a virus and was / is under constant attack attempts.

With some professional help we were able to put together this new blog system, as well as secure it from future attempts. Now that being said obviously we are dealing with children or adults that wish to act like children when it comes to this matter. Instead of presenting a rebuttle like any good debater would, they rather lie, cheat and sabotage. Thus proving that their lies are being uncovered.

Anyhow these individuals only had one goal in mind and that was to bring doubt in to the minds of the visitors of Ahmedi.org and we are here to tell you that the site is completely safe once again. The site has been monitored constantly & no more threats reside on the server. If you feel you have been infected or are still detecting any bugs please lets us know. Again please refer to the note at the top of this post if you or someone you know is having issues viewing the website.

Once again thank you for your support.


From Ahmedi.org…
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