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Ordering Custom Stamps for ‘Recognition’

The Qadiani Ahmadiyya will go to any length to show that some Western country has given them some recognition. Even by their standards, ordering $5 custom stamps from the British or Canadian postal service and passing them off as recognition is a new low.  It is as if their 100 years of presence in UK or 100 years of ‘khilafat’ has been recognized by a government and stamps issued by the authority. Pathetic indeed.  And the pictures below are from Qadiani online publications.  Despite our correction here, these stories will continue to circulate verbally among Qadiani Ahmadiyya families and individuals.  …

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Vaghela: Qadianis are Conduits for Indian Terrorism

Shri Shankersinh Vaghela, leader of the opposition of has named Qadianis as the conduit for the financing of Indian terrorism by the RSS. As it becomes clear that many acts of terrorism attributed to Indian Muslims are actually planned by the extremist Hindu organisation RSS, what is the conduit?  A senior Indian politician blames the Qadianis. Please recall that in 2010, we presented evidence that 25% of the annual budget of the Qadiani Ahmadiyya International (UK) was being sent to India, and we speculated on the purpose but did not know where. Are these two facts connected? If anyone has …

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Mirza Masroor’s Burqa-Clad Wife? Changing Dress Code of Qadianis

Turkish burqa, Punjabi Pagri (turban), Jinnah Cap and Pathan Cap are the dress codes of the Qadianis. In a closed cult-like society, these dress codes carry great significance of rank.  There was a time when everyone wore the ‘pagri’ or the turban.  At that time, the distinction of the leader and his bodyguards was that their turbans had a stiff golden dome inside and part of the turban would stand up straight from the head, giving the impression of awe and grandeur.

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Ahmadiyya News August 2013

Ahmadiyya news stories, with brief translation in English: Burglary in Baitul Futooh London in 2009 ‘Shandy’ Shah, Chairman of MTA begs for forgiveness. Keeping head and beard hair as relics ‘All my sins were washed away’ The ‘favourite’ female workers of ‘Shandy’ Shah at MTA. Details below: The Ahmadiyya place of worship in London, Baitul Futuh underwent a robbery in 2009 while CCTV cameras were being repaired. About £50,000 worth of jewellery and donations were stolen according to Mirza Masroor Ahmad, although the real amount was much higher. To our knowledge, this robbery was never reported to the police. Ahmadis …

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Canadian Ahmadiyya Leadership are Shameless Vultures

Sometimes, it really does boggle the mind.  But I really do not blame the poor cult followers, the Rizwan Rabbanis and their like. There was a trial going on in Kingston, Ontario – about a bigamist who planned to have his ex-wife and daughters pushed into a canal while they were sitting in their car and make it look like an accident.  The motive was ‘honour killing’ as he was not happy with how his daughters had turned out. While Islamophobic media was busy trying to join this crime to Islam, our Ahmadiyya leadership was busy holding ‘Mother Mary’ exhibitions …

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The Qadiani Obsession with the Word Islam

It appears that Humanity First is active in Guatemala and they have found funding to run a clinic there. Dr. A. Latif, a doctor with Humanity First there, wrote this invitation also.  Note the name of the organisation: Comunidad Musulmana Ahmadia — and then look at the email address — ‘islam’.org.gt.  Now do you see why their main site is alislam.org.  They used to own ‘ahmadiyya.org’ but gave it up to the Lahoris. Following it is a picture from the gathering. What is their goal? We can only guess: to have at least some part of the world where the …

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