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Musleh Maud in September 1914 instead of 1944?

This strange and different narrative of the "Promised Reformer" comes to us from 1914. This narrative has changed so many times over the years, that it is refreshing to see the perspective a few months after Mirza Mahmud Ahmad acquired the leadership of the Qadiani community. Also, it belies the reported Qadiani story that he claimed to be the 'Promised Reformer' in 1944.

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Did Mirza Really Call us Kafir?

by Rationalist This article is an attempt to settle the confusion once and for all on this topic. Over the duration of my exodus from the ‘A’ I have engaged with many Ahmadis on the internet as they denied all statements wherein Mirza Ghulam Ahmad called us Kafir. They vehemently deny all of our accusations of Takfeer from the ‘A’. They act like as if Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never called us Kafir in any way shape or form. They act as if we are wrongfully accusing them of Takfeer on us. This article is intended to settle the debate once …

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Live on ‘The Stream’ on Aljazeera English

Live debate with Ahmadiyya on The Stream on Aljazeera English at 3:30 PM EST (check your own schedule). Follow all the action on @MuslimID on Twitter and on Facebook When Ahmadiyya found out that the Ahmadiyya Awareness Team would be facing the Ahmadiyya, they replaced Harris Zafar at the last minute with Amjad Khan, their big gun.     Follow and support: AK Shaikh on Facebook http://thecult.info/blog Ahmedi.org Forum http://thecult.info/forum http://qern.org

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The Great Dictionary Deception

Go here for a tracker of the debate so far. So now we know why Brother Waqar Akbar Cheema does not like translations of the Quran or Arabic commentaries.  He only likes dictionaries, because he can ignore them and then give his own meaning to any word he wants.  May Allah protect us from such fraud, the likes of which has not been seen since Mirza Ghulam Ahmad — who also manipulated meanings and dictionaries and did not like past scholars or commentators. In his latest post, he has taken all instances of ‘qad khalat’ and mapped them to ‘madat’ …

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Qadianis Try to Link KN and Pak Events Again

After being dealt a blow in the 2010 ‘hate campaign’ that they concocted in the UK, Qadianis are now using the blasphemy events to put together another case in the media, and they are failing again. This documentary by the BBC had three phttp://ahmedi.org/wp-admin/tools.phparts to it: Christian, Ahmadi, and Shia/Iraq Please listen to the entire documentary on BBC Radio 4 here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00y2d8r However, if you cannot access the BBC iPlayer and want to listen to only the Ahmadiyya piece, you can use the player below and stream from our servers:

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Questions about Pigott for Ataul Mujib Rashid

Ahmadiyya as a whole have been speechless on John Hugh Smyth-Pigott for the last 18 months or so. Whatever they have said has been from our sources, including the three-page document that the Qadianis published in Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada. Last week on Rah-e-Huda, their senior-most Maulvi, Ataul Mujib Rashid, ducked a question from a German caller asking about Pigott, saying something about ‘historical context’ and about devoting a full programme to this issue. Is it that complicated? However, we welcome the Ahmadiyya opening up to their followers. Since the issue is so complicated (!), can we please request our readers …

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Qadiani Ahmadiyya Financial Setup

Collecting from the Poorest of the Poor The Qadiani Ahmadiyya collect money from the poorest of their poor at the prescribed rates, which combined, total to about at least 8.25% (6.25% + 1% + 1%) of net income. Not even welfare and unemployment benefits are exempt. The provision for exemption is rarely used as writing to the spiritual head (Khalifa) is considered embarrassing. Anecdotal evidence proves that in order to not be expelled, Ahmadis are forced to lie about their income or are forced to work illegally while claiming benefits. Here, we explore this exploitation, and then the strange way …

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Nigerian Scholar on Ahmadiyya

Alhaji Sulaiman Aderounmu is the founder of an Islamic organisation, “Itaniji sinu esin Islam” in Ibadan. In an interview with the Nigerian Compass, he said: Is it true that members of Ahmadiyya cannot pray behind an Imam who is not a member of the society? It is true that the Ahmadists don’t pray behind an Imam who is not a member of their society and because of this, they are not given the privilege of performing the Hajj pilgrimage except they didn’t indicate in the hajj form that they are Ahmadiyya. . . . (continues talking about theology) What are …

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