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Shaheer has joined ahmedi.org community as a volunteer, He handles 100s of queries a day and deliver them to the right person, due to the lot of queries a day it was not possible for the admins to facilitate all the questions. Now he is on our website 24/7 trying to help our members with their queries about Ahmadiyya religion.

Is “The Express Tribune” is an Ahmadiyya Media ??

Express tribune on indian pay roll

Express Tribune on Indian Payroll. Yesterday, Indian PM Modi tried to divert attention from Kashmir by mentioning Balochistan. Today, his paid writers in Pakistan dream up this headline: “Will become first female Baloch Olympian” We all know, with proof, that Pakistan media, especially English media, is paid by NGOs and other foreign interests to carry out their agenda. Just look at this headline and tell me if it makes any sense except to include ‘Baloch’ as a nationality. Please petition the government to cancel its license. Enough is enough.

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