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Humility explained through intercourse

I would share some goodies by MGAQ. Afterall Ruhani Khazain are not that Ruhani .This is from Zameemah Baraaheen-e-Ahmadiyya. Part-5. I would translate this according to my english skills, if you could come up with a better one please do.MGAQ is defining the feeling of humility and humbleness and what happens when a person cries in humility.   MGAQ goes on to say: “and they think that we have met God. but that pleasure is just as if an adulterer has with an unlawful women….(PS. please note he’s defining here about what kind of humility people from bad community feel like …

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Musleh Maud in September 1914 instead of 1944?

This strange and different narrative of the "Promised Reformer" comes to us from 1914. This narrative has changed so many times over the years, that it is refreshing to see the perspective a few months after Mirza Mahmud Ahmad acquired the leadership of the Qadiani community. Also, it belies the reported Qadiani story that he claimed to be the 'Promised Reformer' in 1944.

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Did Mirza Really Call us Kafir?

by Rationalist This article is an attempt to settle the confusion once and for all on this topic. Over the duration of my exodus from the ‘A’ I have engaged with many Ahmadis on the internet as they denied all statements wherein Mirza Ghulam Ahmad called us Kafir. They vehemently deny all of our accusations of Takfeer from the ‘A’. They act like as if Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never called us Kafir in any way shape or form. They act as if we are wrongfully accusing them of Takfeer on us. This article is intended to settle the debate once …

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Curious case of Baba Nanak

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed has held a belief and preached as well that Baba Guru Nanak was a muslim. Mirza sahib said that he used to get Quranic revelations and he had this chola with Arabic inscriptions. Rk. Vol.10 pg. 157 But what Mirza sahib failed to do was go through his writings and belief. Sikhs completely deny that Guru Nanak had any influence whatsoever of Muhammad SAW or Islam. http://www.sikhcoalition.org/Sikhism8.asp

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Bashing the Case: Mirza G.A.Q Sahib vs Pigott & Alexander Dowie

This research works just like a mathematics formula, to prove Mirza G.A.Q sahib wrong in his prophecies for Pigott we will take  the case of Dowie. Because the prophecy was ALMOST same for both of them, we can prove one with the other. Eg, if a=b, b=c means a=c. We will go through a thorough study of Mirza sahib vs. Pigott and Dowie. The reason is because the prophecy for both of them never got fulfilled and innocent Ahmadis have been kept under lies upon lies that both the prophecies were fulfilled, which in reality is completely opposite. Part1 will …

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Nigerian Scholar on Ahmadiyya

Alhaji Sulaiman Aderounmu is the founder of an Islamic organisation, “Itaniji sinu esin Islam” in Ibadan. In an interview with the Nigerian Compass, he said: Is it true that members of Ahmadiyya cannot pray behind an Imam who is not a member of the society? It is true that the Ahmadists don’t pray behind an Imam who is not a member of their society and because of this, they are not given the privilege of performing the Hajj pilgrimage except they didn’t indicate in the hajj form that they are Ahmadiyya. . . . (continues talking about theology) What are …

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Is My Islam Real?

This letter was sent to AKShaikh sahib by a senior Ahmadi. It gives a message to our site that Ahmadis are not satisfied by the Nizam e Jamaat and present leadership and the way its interpreting the teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Click Here To Read

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Jesus / Essa Death Issue

Perhaps the most effective ploy that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Quadiani came up with, to deceive innocent Muslims into accepting his prophethood claim was the issue of Essa death. This deceptive trick has been, over the times, so cleverly implanted into the brain of common Ahmadi that many Ahmadies still (sincerely) think that this is indeed the most important issue for Islam and Muslims and they want to talk about nothing but this issue.

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