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Ahmadiyya News August 2013

Ahmadiyya news stories, with brief translation in English: Burglary in Baitul Futooh London in 2009 ‘Shandy’ Shah, Chairman of MTA begs for forgiveness. Keeping head and beard hair as relics ‘All my sins were washed away’ The ‘favourite’ female workers of ‘Shandy’ Shah at MTA. Details below: The Ahmadiyya place of worship in London, Baitul Futuh underwent a robbery in 2009 while CCTV cameras were being repaired. About £50,000 worth of jewellery and donations were stolen according to Mirza Masroor Ahmad, although the real amount was much higher. To our knowledge, this robbery was never reported to the police. Ahmadis …

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Ahmadis as a Separate Nation

This article will present some key points where Ahmadiyyah leadership and even Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has tried to present or asked to be presented Ahmadis as a separate nation then Muslims. Ahmadiyyah leadership were also not in favour of Pakistan until Pakistan became undeniable reality. Mirza Bashir ud din Mahmood sent a a very loyal English christian messenger to the british government officials to ask them that keep us a separate nation just like Parsis in the census . Although Parsis are 3 lakh and we are 8 lakh. We can present 2 Ahmadis for each parsi. Najmul Huda. Pg. …

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State of Rabwah VS. Pakistan

I would like to draw your attention to the serious threat Pakistan faces from this CULT. It is also very important for those living in Pakistan to be aware of their long term plan to own a piece of land they call their home, where they can set their own Government.The preparations have already began and they are closer to making that dream into reality. Those living in and outside of Pakistan, should pay close attention to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s claims, prophesies and revelations. If you speak to an Ahmadi, they will be quick to recite a revelation pertaining to …

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Mirza Masroor’s Abdullah jaangli!

  Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (former Prime minister Pakistan) had a private assistant called “Noora” who understood Bhutto’s every move and could also make jokes with him. Successor of religion of Ahmadiyyat, Mirza Masroor Ahmad also has a private assistant like Noora named as “Abdullah Jaangli” and what does he do with Masroor, what secrets does he hold and who likes dislikes him, everything will be unveiled very soon which will also include details about Masroor’s raid on the office of former chairman MTA.

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MTA Scandal: Serious Threats from ‘Shandy’ Shah to A.K.Shaikh

While we are sorry that the children of  Shandy Shah has to go through his humiliation, they must understand that he has brought it upon himself.  To his credit, Mirza Masroor Ahmad carried out a commando mission by himself and his personal driver/bodyguard and caught him red-handed with alcohol in  his MTA office. Now that A.K. Shaikh is about to release the scandal involving MTA workers and women etc. – while being careful not to release any personal details – he has started to act viciously and started to send very serious threats (below) – first veiled and then direct. …

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Treatment of women in MTA channel

Ahmedi.org is going to present an article very soon regarding how lajna workers are treated at MTA. How are the forced into physical relations. Shandy Shah who was a top person in MTA, which women were the apple of his eyes? And whoever complained about these issues to Mirza Masroor how they were treated. If any other person from MTA/Ahmadiyya jama’at would like to add anything about this issue we may be contacted and we guarantee that their identifications will be kept secret. Lajnaat should come forward to unveil this ridiculous harassment done to them if they want to save …

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