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1974 National Assembly case re-opened

It’s been few months now that the case proceedings of 1974 National Assembly have been made public after 36 years. “This must be a very heartening news for the Ahmadiyya jamaat  because according to the claim made by their Khalifa IV, at least half of Pakistan will become immediately Ahmadi if the proceedings are published”. AlRaqeeb

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Questions about Pigott for Ataul Mujib Rashid

Ahmadiyya as a whole have been speechless on John Hugh Smyth-Pigott for the last 18 months or so. Whatever they have said has been from our sources, including the three-page document that the Qadianis published in Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada. Last week on Rah-e-Huda, their senior-most Maulvi, Ataul Mujib Rashid, ducked a question from a German caller asking about Pigott, saying something about ‘historical context’ and about devoting a full programme to this issue. Is it that complicated? However, we welcome the Ahmadiyya opening up to their followers. Since the issue is so complicated (!), can we please request our readers …

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The Waqf-e-Jadid Rounds

(posted on behalf of Rationalist, a heartfelt response to the Waqf-e-Jadid year end harassment in December) Dear Masroor, You have your local Presidents (Sadrs) and Qaid’s running around scraping every Ahmadi for the last bit of their financial resources. “The year ends, the year ends”—this is the rhetoric that is spewing from every Ahmadi who is in a leadership position in your Cult. You have Murrabbis running around and asking for pledges, they are saying, “just make a pledge” and then they skate off and make the Qaids sniff for the money trail. In the last couple of days my …

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Qadiani Ahmadiyya Financial Setup

Collecting from the Poorest of the Poor The Qadiani Ahmadiyya collect money from the poorest of their poor at the prescribed rates, which combined, total to about at least 8.25% (6.25% + 1% + 1%) of net income. Not even welfare and unemployment benefits are exempt. The provision for exemption is rarely used as writing to the spiritual head (Khalifa) is considered embarrassing. Anecdotal evidence proves that in order to not be expelled, Ahmadis are forced to lie about their income or are forced to work illegally while claiming benefits. Here, we explore this exploitation, and then the strange way …

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Nigerian Scholar on Ahmadiyya

Alhaji Sulaiman Aderounmu is the founder of an Islamic organisation, “Itaniji sinu esin Islam” in Ibadan. In an interview with the Nigerian Compass, he said: Is it true that members of Ahmadiyya cannot pray behind an Imam who is not a member of the society? It is true that the Ahmadists don’t pray behind an Imam who is not a member of their society and because of this, they are not given the privilege of performing the Hajj pilgrimage except they didn’t indicate in the hajj form that they are Ahmadiyya. . . . (continues talking about theology) What are …

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The Jammat & Those Who Quit

Jamaat Ahmadiyya and it’s lies that it doesn’t take any action against those who change their beliefs, the fact is that the jamaat takes every immoral and inhuman action against those who quit Ahmadiyyat. Click Here to Read

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Questionable Rules And Conduct Of Ahmadiyya Canada

Ahmadiyya Canada’ letter addressed to one of the parties to a civil conflict being dealt with by their Qaza Board, is appended below. In this letter Ahmadiyya admin has informed the complainant that as a member of Ahmadiyya Jamaat, he cannot approach the Canadian civil courts for justice in the matter. Ahmadies are prohibited from taking their cases to the court and anyone violating these instructions is severely dealt with.

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Ahmadiyya Schools and Hospitals in Africa by hosharba

I want to put this question to the concerned leaders of ahmadiyya jamat who beleive that all schools and hospitals that ahmadiyya jamat owns are charitable and non prfit organization and on this named cause they collect a lot of chari ty form all over the world. Are the all nonprofit and charitable??

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