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Shafiq Murad (Frankfurt, Germany) denounces Ahmadiyyat

Owner of Sharif jewellers of Rabwa’s son, Shafiq Muraad on 2 August 2012 has denounced Ahmadiyyat in presence of more than 200 people from Minhaj-ul-Qur’an in Frankfurt, Germany. He’s a well known literary person and a famous poet. Shafiq Muraad is Mirza Luqman’s ex-wife “Faiza (Mirza Tahir Ahmed)” ‘s daughter’s present husband “Miyan Hanif urf Babu” ‘s older brother. He told A.K Sheikh that when his family and jama’at would find out about his decision, they would come really hard at him, please pray that I stay stead in my path.

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Master Qudoos, murderer or murdered?

So what really happened in murder of Master Abdul Qudoos!!! A news reporter Rana Ibrar who was a non-Ahmadi was murdered in Chenab Nagar by some unknown people. Rana Ibrar had found some serious evidence against Ahmadiyyah cult, so was taken out. Ahmed Yousaf, close friend of Rana Ibrar, some how had found what Ibrar was working on. Master Qudoos was the sadar of the town where Ahmed Yousaf was living. Ahmed Yousaf wrote several times to Qudoos that his life seems to be in danger by the attitude of khuddam of chinab nagar. Actually, master Qudoos knew what was …

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1974 National Assembly case re-opened

It’s been few months now that the case proceedings of 1974 National Assembly have been made public after 36 years. “This must be a very heartening news for the Ahmadiyya jamaat  because according to the claim made by their Khalifa IV, at least half of Pakistan will become immediately Ahmadi if the proceedings are published”. AlRaqeeb

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Qadianis Try to Link KN and Pak Events Again

After being dealt a blow in the 2010 ‘hate campaign’ that they concocted in the UK, Qadianis are now using the blasphemy events to put together another case in the media, and they are failing again. This documentary by the BBC had three phttp://ahmedi.org/wp-admin/tools.phparts to it: Christian, Ahmadi, and Shia/Iraq Please listen to the entire documentary on BBC Radio 4 here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00y2d8r However, if you cannot access the BBC iPlayer and want to listen to only the Ahmadiyya piece, you can use the player below and stream from our servers:

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From Ahmedi.org…

*Update Oct 6th, 2009* Most of you should have access back to the site for anyone that still cannot access it or you know of someone that is not able to view the site. The directions below apply that will be the only way to gain access back to the site. For everyone else Welcome back and enjoy the new look and wait for what we have in store next!

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Well if you haven’t already noticed, the site has changed once again. With the recent attacks on the site, the YouTube channel and email accounts we figured why not improve rather maintain the old. A few changes you see & few more to come: 1. Brand new site 2. Brand new look 3. The original site & articles will be up shortly 4. A second ahmedi.org site (this one is going to be good) 5. Mobile site (iPhone & Android phones visit the site and see now!) Now, I know that you guys have been trying real hard to do …

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