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Aljazeera Debate – Marginalised Ahmadi Women

The Ahmadiyya Cult, forced to show its face on an international forum — by their own request — tripped and fell over every one of their cult-like beliefs and practices.  Their incredulous devotees are having a hard time digesting some of the hard facts. Watch the debate here.  Since many people do not know the structure of the Ahmadiyya, we present this Qadiani Ahmadiyya org chart (we use ‘Qadiani’ to differentiate with other Ahmadiyya organisations such as the Lahoris). For a larger view, click on the image below a couple of times.

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Breivik Spoils UK Jalsa Theme

Basharat Nazir, together with Rafiq Hayat, had come up with a perfect Islamophobic theme for their 2011 Jalsa (convention): — First, pay for a poll that would prove that Islamophobia was just the media’s fault, — and then try to show they are working againt Islamophobia, although they are considered by many, including us, to be one of the leading Islamophobe groups who don’t let an opportunity go by. (after this post, the title was changed to ‘their “Islam”‘ from just ‘Islam’.  The URL still shows the old title.  At least there is some shame left.) — Then Messrs. Rafiq …

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Bashing the Case: Mirza G.A.Q Sahib vs Pigott & Alexander Dowie

This research works just like a mathematics formula, to prove Mirza G.A.Q sahib wrong in his prophecies for Pigott we will take  the case of Dowie. Because the prophecy was ALMOST same for both of them, we can prove one with the other. Eg, if a=b, b=c means a=c. We will go through a thorough study of Mirza sahib vs. Pigott and Dowie. The reason is because the prophecy for both of them never got fulfilled and innocent Ahmadis have been kept under lies upon lies that both the prophecies were fulfilled, which in reality is completely opposite. Part1 will …

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Letter to Prime Minister of Malta – Where are the Ahmadi Women?

The Ahmadiyya in Malta conducted a Women’s Day seminar but there was NO Ahmadi woman at the head table, or none that was mentioned as having spoken at the ‘seminar’.  Since the first lady of Malta and the VP of the National Council of Women spoke at the occasion, we wrote to them: Your Excellency, It was very nice to see the First Lady of Malta, Catherine Gonzi, Michelle Muscat, wife of Opposition Leader Joseph Muscat and Nadya Anne Mangion, the vice president of the National Council of Women at this seminar. The rights of women and their celebration are …

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Ahmadiyya in Germany – Action and Reaction

Being outside the Islamic community and not really grasping complicated issues nor approaching them in the proper manner, and going about their cult-like ways, Ahmadiyya hurt Muslim identity everywhere.  Here is the reaction of right-wing Germans to what the Ahmadiyya are doing in Germany: Way more dangerous than the Salafists who more or less openly proclaim tough Islamic truth are those who trivialize, who throw sand in the eyes of the people. Foremost of all are the Ahmadiyya who blather on about “love for everyone, hate for none,” even though they, like all other Muslims, base their beliefs on Muhammad, …

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1974 National Assembly case re-opened

It’s been few months now that the case proceedings of 1974 National Assembly have been made public after 36 years. “This must be a very heartening news for the Ahmadiyya jamaat  because according to the claim made by their Khalifa IV, at least half of Pakistan will become immediately Ahmadi if the proceedings are published”. AlRaqeeb

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A Publication for the Help of the Faith and Breaking of Relations with Relatives who are Opposed to Religion

(translated from pp.219-221 Majmooa Ishtiharat vol. 1)   Viewers will remember that I, due to the pursuit of a religious argument and while asking for a sign and under the order of God and His revelation, published an article about the daughter of a relative, Mirza Ahmad Beg s/o Mirza Gaman Beg: That it is decreed and decided by God that the girl will eventually be married to me, though it may be in her state of virginity, or after being widowed God brings her to me. The detail of all these facts are in the mentioned article.   The …

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August 5, 1974

Translated by Akber Choudhry from “Parliament mein Qadiani Shikast” by Allah Wasaya Proceedings on 5 August 1974 – first session In this case, written arguments had been presented. A special parliamentary committee consisting of the entire house went into special session on Monday 5 August 1974 at 10 a.m. The Speaker of the National Assembly, Sahibzada Farooq Ali Khan, was presiding: (examination of the witness, Mirza Nasir starts) Mirza Nasir: Thinking of Allah as Present and Watching, whatever I say shall be the sincere truth (an evidentiary oath in Urdu – translator) Attorney-General: Can you please state the details of …

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A Review of some Excerpts from Mirza Sahib’s Books

By Bashir Ahmed The prime objective of all Prophets of Allah has always been to establish the Unity and Oneness (Tauheed) of Allah and to strive for the establishment of His ‘Deen’. Among the foremost subject matters that are often greatly emphasised in the Holy Qur’an are Tauheed and the Day of Judgement. The Holy Qur’an gives us a concept of Allah Who is the Most High and Exalted in status – Who is The First and The Last, The Evident and The Immanent, The Most Merciful and The Prevailing. He is The Knower of all that is either hidden …

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New Books about Khalifas

Article # 5: NEW books exposing DEBACHERY, ORGIES, PERVERT lIVES OF QADIANI KHALIFAS. (By Rashid Jahangiri) —————————————————————————————————————————————– On my recent visit to Pakistan I was able to collect and buy some booklets and books, exposing the immoral lives of Qadiani Khalifas Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Mirza Tahir Ahmad and other prominent Qadianis e.g. Chaudhry Zafarullah Khan etc. (1)Booklets were provided to me by: Former Waqif-e-Zindghi and former Qadiani Jamaat member Malik Aziz Ur Rehman. He is REAL brother of famous Qadiani Mr. Malik Abdul Rehman Khadam Gujrati (Khalid-i-Ahmadiyyat), author of ‘Ahmadiyya Pocket Book’. (2) Former Waqif-e-Zindghi and former …

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