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Qadianis Try to Link KN and Pak Events Again

After being dealt a blow in the 2010 ‘hate campaign’ that they concocted in the UK, Qadianis are now using the blasphemy events to put together another case in the media, and they are failing again. This documentary by the BBC had three phttp://ahmedi.org/wp-admin/tools.phparts to it: Christian, Ahmadi, and Shia/Iraq Please listen to the entire documentary on BBC Radio 4 here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00y2d8r However, if you cannot access the BBC iPlayer and want to listen to only the Ahmadiyya piece, you can use the player below and stream from our servers:

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The Waqf-e-Jadid Rounds

(posted on behalf of Rationalist, a heartfelt response to the Waqf-e-Jadid year end harassment in December) Dear Masroor, You have your local Presidents (Sadrs) and Qaid’s running around scraping every Ahmadi for the last bit of their financial resources. “The year ends, the year ends”—this is the rhetoric that is spewing from every Ahmadi who is in a leadership position in your Cult. You have Murrabbis running around and asking for pledges, they are saying, “just make a pledge” and then they skate off and make the Qaids sniff for the money trail. In the last couple of days my …

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Important News

Masroor is very upset with his high level advisors who provide news to Ahmedi.org. Between Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana and the Word Miracle Church International (WMCI) On November 16, 2009, a land dispute between the WMCI and some squatters at Avenor exploded into an exchange of gunfire that claimed two lives and left three others seriously injured. Click Here to Read

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Ahmadion Ki Taadaad Ka Masla

This article is about the total number of ahmadis in the world, this is written by well known writer who is an ex-ahmadi missionary and the grandson of mirza ghulam ahmad’s well known sahabi Molvi Fazal Ahmad of Fiqqah Ahmadiyya.

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The Ahmadiyya Court System

AKShaikh condemns the Ahmadiyya court system which is totally illegal and cruel. Ahmadis should use the court system in their respective countries to have their matters sorted.

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