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Humility explained through intercourse

I would share some goodies by MGAQ. Afterall Ruhani Khazain are not that Ruhani .This is from Zameemah Baraaheen-e-Ahmadiyya. Part-5. I would translate this according to my english skills, if you could come up with a better one please do.MGAQ is defining the feeling of humility and humbleness and what happens when a person cries in humility.   MGAQ goes on to say: “and they think that we have met God. but that pleasure is just as if an adulterer has with an unlawful women….(PS. please note he’s defining here about what kind of humility people from bad community feel like …

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Live on ‘The Stream’ on Aljazeera English

Live debate with Ahmadiyya on The Stream on Aljazeera English at 3:30 PM EST (check your own schedule). Follow all the action on @MuslimID on Twitter and on Facebook When Ahmadiyya found out that the Ahmadiyya Awareness Team would be facing the Ahmadiyya, they replaced Harris Zafar at the last minute with Amjad Khan, their big gun.     Follow and support: AK Shaikh on Facebook http://thecult.info/blog Ahmedi.org Forum http://thecult.info/forum http://qern.org

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The Great Dictionary Deception

Go here for a tracker of the debate so far. So now we know why Brother Waqar Akbar Cheema does not like translations of the Quran or Arabic commentaries.  He only likes dictionaries, because he can ignore them and then give his own meaning to any word he wants.  May Allah protect us from such fraud, the likes of which has not been seen since Mirza Ghulam Ahmad — who also manipulated meanings and dictionaries and did not like past scholars or commentators. In his latest post, he has taken all instances of ‘qad khalat’ and mapped them to ‘madat’ …

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History of Plague And The Character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

This article is written by a well reputable and intelligent Ahmadi who is known as “shaki” on our discussion forum. History of Plague And The Character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad The bubonic plague that hit India in 1990’s started in central China in mid 19th century. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Pandemic It stayed in central China for several decades before it spread to the eastern parts of China in later part of 19th century. From eastern China, it spread through ships to the coastal areas of many countries. China lost more than 12.5 million persons to this plague. In India, the plague first hit …

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