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Acceptance of MGA Prayer

Article # 8 Acceptanced of Promised Messiah – Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad once again.

By: Rashid Jahangiri (2003) All type of perfect and true praise belongs to Allah alone, the Lord of the worlds.


(1) Promised Messiah-Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (PM-HMGA) sahib on the occasion of laying of foundation of Bahasti-Muqbarah (Heavenly Graveyard), Qadian, India, prayed to Allah (swt) that pious and righteous people get buried in this graveyard. Having my conviction that PM-HMGA prayer was accepted as Mirza Mahmud Ahmad khalifa 2 of qadiani jamaat, Mirza Nasir Ahmad khalifa 3 of qadiani jamaat, Mirza Bashir Ahmad the “qamar ul anbiyya” of qadianis did not get buried there despite all the worldly resources at the disposal of their followers, none of them could get buried in the said graveyard.
About three years ago I started saying it clearly and repeatedly to qadianis on internet that knowing that Mirza Tahir Ahmad is not pious and righteous person as he repeatedly lies about millions of conversions every year, in addition to wrong claims and beliefs, and details of his youth days in Qadian, India, etc. He will not get honor of being buried next to PM-HMGA in the Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India.

To assert my point and to make it clear I gave challenge to an active qadiani Mr. Rahgeer, a moderator on qadiani discussion forum, that I will pay US$1,000.00 if Mirza Tahir Ahmad got buried in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India. I gave the challenge to pay the money to my opponent if I lose, on the tradition of PM-HMGA sahib.

(2) I also knew that Allah (swt) is the Master and He can show His mercy on any sinner and He can forgive that sinner. Example of Prophet Younas (as) nation is clear in Holy Quran. We humans have no choice but to accept the TAQDEER (will) of Allah (swt).

(3) If Mirza Tahir Ahmad had got buried in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India, the weak-iman people, which qadianis are across the board with out any exception, would consider it as a sign of truthfulness and holiness of Mirza Tahir Ahmad subsequently his claims, beliefs, preachings and policies. As qadianis would have given the argument that Mirza Tahir Ahmad is buried on the side of PM-HMGA.

This would have given rise to another misconception among followers of Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

(4) Yesterday, on 22nd April, 2003, when I came to know through my sources that family members of Mirza Tahir Ahmad have programs to change the casket from wood to glass and in the process of transporting his dead body to Qadian, India, for burial in the Bahasti-Muqbarah. In addition, I heard about wish of Mirza Tahir Ahmad to be buried in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India. (He also clearly wished that he should not be buried in so called Bahasti-Muqbarah, Rabwah, Pakistan, founded by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, shows that he knew the truth that graveyard in Rabwah, Pakistan has no spiritual value and is just a fraud). Further, I came to know that graveyard in Woking, London, where his wife is buried too, is surround by Muslim population. And it is not possible for qadiani jamaat to provide protection to his grave 24 hours a day, every day of year from getting vandalized by Muslims in the neighborhood. I must admit that all this information was disturbing to me. Not, because I will lose challenge given to qadianis and they will ridicule me, and demand the money. But because burial of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India, would have given another reason for weak-iman qadianis to believe in the wrong claims, beliefs, and teachings of Mirza Tahir Ahamd, and Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. In my this worry, I called Abdul Mannan Omar sahib son of Khalifatul Masih Maulana Noor Ud Din sahib, and explained the whole situation to him.

(5) Today, on 23rd April, 2003, he called me in morning and said: Last night I could not sleep, I remembered your worry, I prayed all night to Allah (swt). I asked Him, even if this is your TAQDEER (will), you can always change your will, if you wish. This morning, I received a phone call. (From his own source). I was informed that there was JUGARAH (heated arguments) among the family members of Mirza Tahir Ahmad. One group wanted him to be buried in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India. The other group was insisting on his burial in London, as already more than three days had passed, and the body of Mirza Tahir Ahmad started to stink. And he gave me the good news and congratulated me that payer of PM-HMGA was accepted once again, and the Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India was saved from playing host to impure soul of Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

(6) Burial of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in London, shows us worldly resources can not supersede the will of Allah (swt). This also shows the hollowness of qadianis (e.g. moderators of qadiani discussion forum Mr. Dawood Majoka, and Mr. Irmee) excuse of their failure to bury Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Mirza Bashir Ahmad, Mirza Shareef Ahmad. Qadians give the excurse that the reason their “holy personalities” could not be buried in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India, as there were some security issues involved in transporting the dead bodies from Pakistan to India because of hostilities between the two countries.

(7) This fact of failure of burial of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in Bahasti-Muqbarah, Qadian, India, should be a clear sign to those qadianis who have an iota of honesty in their hearts and iota of light in their eyes.


Acceptance of MGA Prayer
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