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Birmingham Ahmadi-surgeon Nafees Hamid jailed for indecent assaults on patients


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15 Comments on "Birmingham Ahmadi-surgeon Nafees Hamid jailed for indecent assaults on patients"

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Ibrahim Maina
I was a Muallim of Ahmadiyya JAMAAT for 10 years. but I came to realize that even Ahmadi sheikhs don’t read the writings of Mirza Ghulam.Ahmadiyya doesn’t look for followers in order to teach them religion, but to increase the number of Chandah payers.Infact most new converts don’t know anything
It’s a rare case, get over it sister. However these type of cases happen on a daily basis in the non Ahmadi Muslim world.

And nobody is calling you kafir, quit lying.

You sound like you actually lost the light and have entered darkness. May Allah guide you back to true Islam.


The non-Ahmadi Muslim world don’t constantly claim to be the ‘true Islam’ or act like they are better than others. The Ahmadiyya organisation has an air of arrogance. This is why the case of this Neurosurgeon is significant..

Secondly, the sister (Light) is correct. I too am an ex Ahmadi and I also have been called Murtad and Kafir by Ahmadis because I left Ahmadiyya after discovering the fraud of Mirza Ghulam. I sincerely request you to read the books of Mirza Ghulam, you will then see that it is the Ahmadiyya organisation that is in darkness.

@Qadiani4Life the reason why the ahmadi surgeon should be highlighted is because of the sheer arrogance you ahmadis show, I have been told many times that an ahmadi doctor will never do this kind of thing when a muslim was prosecuted for the same offence, I was told that an ahmadi will never do any honour killing but this happens not only in Pakistan but also it happened in Germany. Stop saying you ahmadis are the only ones who are following Islam and going to heaven, I am sure that God does not like the arrogant. I am angry!!! but… Read more »
Yes please do try so that we can compare the 72 v’s the one.

You already know who’s sheet is cleaner homeboy!

Did you hear about your Mullahs in Pakistan recently who made drinking alcohol permissable in Islam?


One of the biggest crime a human being has committed in most recent history is by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad: 1) false claim of prophethood 2) false claim of messiah (Isa a.s) not to mention the false claim that Jesus (pbuh) is buried in Kashmir 3) false claim of mahdi 4) false claim to incarnation of hindu God Krishna 5) false claim of marriage in heaven with muhammadi begum 6) abundance of other lies and failed prophecies 7) drinking tonic wine and using intoxicants 8) charged with theft when he was young 9) supporting injustices committed by the east india company… Read more »
Imagine providing news and links for all non Ahmadi Muslims jailed for their crimes.
You would need to hit the refresh button every minute :p
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