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Does Qasim Rashid ever tell the truth?

In a recent article…Qasim Rashid tries to answer some common questions about Ahmadiyyat.  However, his deceit is soooo noticeable…its almost as if Ahmadis are purposely lying about all of their beliefs.   Here is a link to his article:   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/qasim-rashid/10-fabrications-muslim-leaders-need-to-stop-making-about-ahmadi-muslims_b_5854492.html And here is my response…point by point:

1. He never mentions that MGAQ is a new-styled prophet. Why doesnt he tell that? Why would someone leave that out?? Answer: deception. Ahmadis love to send out mix signals. Why doesnt Qasim Rashid simply tell the world that MGAQ is a prophet, a new type of prophet, a type of prophet that never existed in the Quran, Bible or Torah. Ahmadis believe that Muhammad (saw) can make people into prophets, this concept is alien to Islam.

2. Qasim Rashid doesnt even address the writings of MGAQ after 1901, after his claim to prophethood that is and how it evolved….even totally forgets about the quote that WE use wherein a poem was recited in MGAQ’s presence wherein the poet claimed that Muhammad (saw) had came again in Qadian. Qasim also leaves out the fact MGAQ claimed to be Muhammad (saw) in total.

3. Qasim Rashid leaves out all the writings of MGAQ in Anjam e Athim, wherein MGAQ insulted Jesus (as) to the highest degree. Why??? Why did MGAQ call the Jesus of the bible as a drunkard, etc?

4. Again, Qasim Rashid quotes writings of MGAQ pre-1901 and ignores the change in belief that occurred in 1901. He thus avoids the entire matter. He also forgets that MGAQ said that if anyone calls him Kafir, that person autmatically becomes Kafir himself. He also forgets to mention the dispute between MGAQ and Dr. Khan and the the words that were exchanged. He also forgets about the article by Mahmud Ahmad in 1911, wherein this very topis is discussed. He also forgets that the Lahoris split away from the Qadianis on this very matter and even claimed that Mahmud Ahmad and his Ahmadis were cery aggressive in their Takfeer.

5. Qasim Rashid forgets that Muslims gave monies to MGAQ in 1878, 1879 etc etc etc towards the publishing og Braheen e Ahamdiyya, 50 volumes worth. It were these people who gave MGAQ the start-up costs to start his business of selling religion. He also forgets that it was the British govt who allowed MGAQ the oppurtunity to make his claim. MGAQ admits to all of this….on top of all of this….in 1857, MGAQ’s family helped the British immensely as Muslims rebelled, MGAQ was thus given special treatment, he was even afforded a chair in all of his court cases. SO…..he got special treatment from the British throughout his life.

6. Qasim Rashid very cleverly fails to explain that Ahmadis believe in a new type of prophethood. Thus all the problems his sect if facing in Pakistan. He fails to explain that Ahmadis believe that Muhammad (saw) can make prophets, thus opposing the Quran.

7. Ahmadis are engaged in using the violence against them to gain a competitve advantage. However, they fail to undersand the reasons for the violence. If Ahmadis simply left Pakistan…all of this would be over.

8. Ahmadis offer incentives to join their community. They offer benefits like asylum, etc. They offer a network wherein someone can easily find a job.  The list goes on and on.

9.    Ahmadis have re-interpretted the Quran, totally against the historical records which describe the context of many verses.  And there is a hadith that MGAQ made up…its the hadith about the Messiah coming in the 14th century…which doesnt exist.  However, MGAQ wrote it in his books as if it exists.

10.  Muslims dont make this allegation.  However, the Saudi govt. has banned Ahmadis from entering their country.  The USA is a strong ally, and has been since the 1950’s or so.  And Ahmadis have no problem filling out passport paperwork and ID card paperwork wherein they affirm that they are non-Muslim, however, they willfully boycott all govt. elections and take advantage of their unique position by filing for asylum.  Ahmadis contradist themsleves here in sooooo many ways.

10.a.  Even though Ahmadis are banned from Mecca, they still enter in defiance and pray seperately to make up for all the false praying.

In conclusion…Qasim Rashid proves again the extent to which Ahmadis are willing to lie, just to promote their religion…what a shame.

Does Qasim Rashid ever tell the truth?
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True Life
Assalamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

Jazak’Allah khayran for the article, I have added to the end of a refutation of my own: http://t.co/gLOo3Fb9HF

Please make Du’a for Allah ta’la to accept and help me spread it!

It is proven beyond doubt that Ahmadiyya cult is based on lies and deception. Those who are working hard to expose this fraud must be commended.
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