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Imran Khan doesn’t want to work with Ahmadis like Atif Mian



Imran Khan doesn’t want to work with Ahmadis like Atif Mian
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True believer
Ahmadis have problem with Pakistan and rest of the Muslim World declaring them as non-muslims, but they don’t have problem with Mirza Ghulam A.Qadiyani declaring the entire Muslims as Kafirs.

It’s a waste of time arguing with Ahmadis on this subject, as they are sooooooooooooo brainwashed.

Sorry, I misspellt my name.

You are right. In Pakistan they have defined who is a Muslim and it has become part of the constitution. And Imran has refused to amend the constitution. According to the constitution anyone believing in MGA is not a Muslim. This applies to both main groups Rabwah and Lahore (AIIL). As Pakistan is created to protect the interests of Muslims, no Qadiani or Lahori Ahmadi should be given a key post. They will just make the situation in Pakistan worse.

To the moderator,
I sent my last post in response to 4pac’s post. Please move it to the appropriate place. Thanks.
So he is not going to appoint any non-Muslim as finance minister even if he/she is capable of it (on merit).
Quaid-i-Azam made a Hindu minister of law of Pakistan (it was not Islamic Republic of Pakistan at that time). He also made Sir Zafrullah Khan foreign minister of Pakistan. If they want to make a new Pakistan of Quaid-i- Azam then they should look at the merit and not at the personal religious views of any one, as Quaid did.
But if they are afraid of Mullahs then they cannot bring about any change “tabdili” in the country.

The answer is very simple. Would Masroor (head of Ahmadiyya jamaat) make any Muslim in charge of finances of Ahmadiyya Jamaat if he is a qualified person. If NO, why NOT ???

There is a wisdom behind everything. I am sorry to say this, but Ahmadis (Qadiyanis) are traitors to Pakistan……it is proven by your destructive propaganda against Pakistan & Muslims in the West……and now you want your man to be in charge of the post of Finance Minister of Pakistan…….see not all Pakistanis (Muslims) are ignorant….they know the truth!!!

Imran Bhai is right! Those who distort the teachings of Holy Quran and the Holy Messenger Muhammad s.a.w.s. are disbelievers. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani the founder of Ahmadiyya cult claimed to be a Prophet, when there is no more Prophet to come in Islam except the return of Hazrat. Isa a.s. (Jesus p.b.u.h). Mirza Qadiyanni was a wicked and cunning liar, had several mental and physical illnesses, and died a disgraceful death. Today, his cult under leadership of Mirza Masroor, boasts to be the true muslims and is misleading the masses. Any Ahmadi who is trapped in this cult, who… Read more »
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