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Mirza Tahir Ahmad loses a Mubahila!!!

Mirza Tahir Ahmad loses a Mubahila!!!
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4 Comments on "Mirza Tahir Ahmad loses a Mubahila!!!"

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He has ended up like MGA. Death of another liar.
Yet still some ahmadis believe that Mirza Tahir won and lie about it to others knowing full well that he lost! Still blind and won’t open their eyes.
True Believer
Oh my GOD! What a great sign this is ……..causes one to seriously think of their life in the hereafter. Another Khalifa after MGA bites the dust. Those who invent lies in the name of Allah s.w.t. and his Messenger s.a.w.s. after clear message was sent, will be in the hell and what is place it is ……….. may Allah s.w.t. protect and guide those Ahmadis who deserve guidance so that they leave the fitna sooner or later and on the day of judgement we all can stand in front of our Lord and say with happiness that we heard… Read more »
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