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Murder of Fakhr ud Din Multani



Fakhar Ud Din Multani was a true Ahmadi. He left his city and settled in Qadian for Promised Messiah. He was companion of Promised Messiah and owner of Ahmadiyya book store in Qadian. When Abdul Rehman Misri made serious allegations of perversion on Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and demanded their investigations, Fakhar Ud Multani looking at the genuine and justified demand supported him. And showed Mirza Mahmud Ahmad the simple ways to get acquitted from the serious allegations of adultery and perversion. I.e either announce under oath inviting the wrath [of Allah SWT], or appoint an investigative commission that investigates all the allegations and produce its report. Instead disciples of Mirza Mahmud unsuccessfully tried to cover the perversions of Mirza Mahmud by hiding behind the provision of requirement of four witnesses in case of adultery in Islam.

Then Abdul Rehman Misri sahib, Fakhar Ud Din Multani sahib and their friends openly challenged Mirza Mahmud:
“We have heard you [Mirza Mahmud Ahmad] mentioned about four witnesses to people. Although you did not mention it to us. If this is true, then you get ready for this. We will produce not only four rather many witnesses, other than this we will produce witnesses of women, girls, boys and your own self. If we are unable to produce proofs then you will be acquitted, and we will be humiliated in addition we are ready to accept every kind of punishment”.

This was such a situation that those who were presenting excuse of four witnesses were badly caught. Then to get rid of these people, movement was started to punish them to an unbelievable limit by ordering shameless social boycott and in addition murdering them. How shameless was social boycott of Fakhar Ud Din Multani?

An estimate can be made from the extremely agonizing posters (leaflets) that he addressed to Jamaat [Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam headed by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad in Qadian].

Just read a portion of these posters and make an estimate of official terrorism of Ahmadiyya Khilafat in Qadian:
“In announcement of my expulsion the punishment that was announced included conversation, salutation, messages with Fahkar Ud Din are prohibited. But the practical explanation includes:

(1) Boycott of my wife and my children is also made, just because they are my children.
(2) [Cow] milk of my infant and sick child is snatched, in his crime that he is my child. (One arm of this innocent was fractured).
(3) The maid to bath my disabled wife has been stopped from visiting my home
(4) My land lord has been forced to get his rented property to me evacuated.
(5) Many people (numbering more than 20) are deputed twenty four hours around my home to harass and torture me and my family members.
(6) Ahmadi shop keepers have been prohibited to sell provisions of daily livings to me.
(7) Scheme to boycott my business has been made in order to reduce me to poverty and make me financially disable. (8) Out side the exterior windows of my house young men are deputed 24 hours. Some of them take their cloths off and stand absolute naked when we turn on the precautionary flash light.
(9) My innocent children have been refused to get education in school and they have been expelled only because they are my children.
(Reference: “meary purisrar akhraj kay illan kee haqiqat” [Translation: Reality of announcement of my unexplained expulsion] Published: July 1937).

The issue did not stop with inhumane social boycott. Instead of adopting a sensible, decent way to acquit himself from the allegations of adultery, Mirza Mahmud started delivering inciting sermons to get his accusers out of his way. In show of his terrorism inside Qadian, Mirza Mahmud gave many sermons.
Excerpts of few of them will explain the truth:

(1) Some of you stand and make speeches that we will die but won’t tolerate insult of Movement [Ahmadiyya Movement In Islam headed by mirza Mahmud Ahmad]. But when some one starts criticizing it, you people start looking on the other side.did such attitude ever benefited any nation? Brave is the one, who if decides to kill and after killing if he gets caught, then bravely speaks the truth. Decent and rational ways are only two
(Publication: ‘Al-Fazil’ Qadian June 5, 1937).
(2)If you posses honor equal to the size of sesame seed and you honestly hold this faith that enemy should be punished then either you will be eradicated from this world or you will eradicate those who use profanities. If any human being thinks he has the courage to commit murder then I will challenge him: Oh, shameless! Why don’t you step forward and go and break that mouth [who use foul language against Mirza Mahmud Ahmad]?
(Al-Fazil, June 5, 1937).
(3)In the color of victimization, if a person gets hanged instead of life sentence, we will consider it an act of honor (Al-Fazil, July 11, 1937).
(4) On August 6, 1937 Mirza Mahmud delivered extremely inciting sermon. It is better instead of quoting ‘Al-Fazil’ to quote the court remarks of Lahore High Court Judge, as in reply to the sermon reply of Fakhar Ud Din Multani is quoted by the court herself.
Judge of the honorable court wrote: On July 23rd Kalifa delivered a sermon that was later published in the official organ of Jamaat ‘Al-Fazil’ on 1st August. In his sermon he attacked on those gentlemen who left the Jamaat. He used such words that about them I am forced to say that they were unfortunate and tragic.

The result of this was that Fakhar Ud Din who was the secretary of the association, whose president was Sheikh Abdul Rehman Misri, wrote the reply, in that he said, This is the reason we are repeatedly demanding from Jamaat to appoint an independent commission.

So that we can present in front of commission all the issues, witnesses and super secretive facts, and decision is promptly made that whose family is ‘center of vulgarity’ or otherwise that is the case what Khalifa has said in his statement ( Decision of Honorable Lahore High Court F. W. Ckemp , Honorable Judge of Lahore High Court. Dated September 23, 1937).

In the result of these inciting sermons on August 7, 1937 victim Fakhar Ud Din Multani sahib was attacked by Mr. Aziz Ahmad, an Ahmadi with a sharp object. He was transported in wounded condition to Gurdaspur Hospital, where on 13th August he passed away. (To Allah we belong and to Him we return).

In broad day light in presence of many people Fakhar Ud Din Multani was murdered. But all the eye witnesses of the incidence were intimidated and stopped from giving their testimony in the court of law. Just the way when any landlord in a village gets some one murdered and then intimidates all the villagers as a result of this every villagers shows no knowledge of the incidence to save his life. Dr. Ghor Baksh Singh M.B.B.S. clinic was in the bazaar where the murder took place. He did not get pressurized by the Jamaat’s pressure. Therefore his testimony sent the murderer to his death.

Mirza Mahmud’s viciousness and ruthlessness was not limited up to here. After getting him murdered, adulterer Mirza Mahmud took revenge from the corpse of Fakhar Ud Din Multani. When his corpse was brought to Qadian, the laborers who were hired to dig grave were stopped from digging the grave. Bricks for the grave were not given. Carpenters were stopped from making wooden casket for the corpse. Some Muslims visitors from outside performed the funeral prayer and gave the proof of humanity. And in presence of Qadian’s offical terrorism their all claims of humanity were striped naked. On the one hand this was the scene of viciousness and ruthlessness, and on the other hand Mirza Mahmud after the murder of Fakhar Ud Din Multani severed his link with the murderer.

So, according to Al-Fazil in Qadian Mirza Mahmud gave statement: No doubt act of Mian Aziz Ahmad sahib was against Shariah [Islamic Law] and I declare it bad.

But this deceptive statement was lie by an adulterer to save himself from the crime of getting some one murdered. On the inside every effort was done to save this murderer. As a proof of this an image of letter of ‘Nizarat Amoor-I-Ama, Qadian’is presented at the end. According to this Jamaat did every effort to save murderer Aziz Ahmad from the punishment. In this regard all responsibility was handed over to Maulvi Fazal Deen and Mirza Abdul Haq was appointed as counsel.

Despite this death penalty was given to the murderer. When carcass of Aziz Ahmad was brought to Qadian a huge funeral procession was taken out. Mirza Mahmud himself led the funeral prayer. He was declared ‘martyr of Ahmadiyyat’. Infact he was ‘Martyr of Mahmudiyyat’.

The murderer was given Jamaat funeral (equal to state funeral in a country). Mirza Mahmud Ahmad himself led the funeral prayer. His register of virtues had only one virtue that he murdered the person who with proofs was accusing Mirza Mahmud of ! adultery, and his this act was an effort to acquit Mirza Mahmud from these allegations.

Today time is proving that neither Mirza Mahmud was acquitted from the charges of adultery nor blood of Fakhar Ud Din Multani was wasted. Today all those facts that were made secret, through the Internet are coming in front of the world. World is watching that those who think they are undefeatable in the battle of arguments and are ready to take oath inviting wrath of Allah SWT on minor issues, these Qadiani Caliphs (E.g. see Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s challenge on 60 subjects) become mute and go to sleep when they are challenged to give statement under oath with invitation of wrath of Allah SWT to acquit his father Mirza Mahmud Ahmad from the allegations of adultery. Is there any one in the progeny of Mirza Mahmud who in order to acquit him from allegations, take an oath the way Mirza Tahir Ahmad took oath on 60 points in his mubailiah challenge. Only one oath on one point is demanded.

Oath for! the acquittal of allegations of adultery on Mirza Mahmud Ahmad——————Is there any one in the ‘Khandan-I-Khilafat’ (family of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad) who is a brave man and has courage and is ready today! Image of ‘Khat Nizarat Amoor-I-Ama, Qadian’
[Translation: Administrative memo of department of general affairs, Qadian].

On the one hand Mirza Mahmud gave the statement about the murderer of victim Mr. Fakhar Ud Din Multani sahib, murderer Aziz Ahmad that what ever he did is against the Shariah. On the other hand to protect his against the Shariah act and in effort to save the murderer on the Jamaat level legal help was provided.
One proof of it is the letter issued by the ‘Nizarat Amoor-I-Ama, Qadian’.

This has signature of Zain-ul-Abideen, who was brother in law of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and uncle of Mirza Tahir Ahmad. Along with image, the text of this letter is also presented.

Dear Maulvi Fazal Deen sahib
Asalam Alikum
The complete responsibility will be given to you for the case filed against Aziz Ahmad.
Mirza Abdul Haq has been appointed to represent.
Probably, tomorrow Challan will be filed.
You start preparing the case so no that deficiency is left in the case.
Wasalam Sincerely,
(Signature) Zain-Ul-Abideen September 8, 1937.

Joe Chup Rahey Ghee Zaban-e-Khanjir, Lahoo Pukarey Gha Asteen Kah’
(Translation: If the tongue of dagger is mute, the blood of sleeve will shout)

Murder of Fakhr ud Din Multani
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