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A Publication for the Help of the Faith and Breaking of Relations with Relatives who are Opposed to Religion

(translated from pp.219-221 Majmooa Ishtiharat vol. 1)


Viewers will remember that I, due to the pursuit of a religious argument and while asking for a sign and under the order of God and His revelation, published an article about the daughter of a relative, Mirza Ahmad Beg s/o Mirza Gaman Beg: That it is decreed and decided by God that the girl will eventually be married to me, though it may be in her state of virginity, or after being widowed God brings her to me. The detail of all these facts are in the mentioned article.


The reason for this current publication is that my son named Sultan Ahmad and who is an assistant Tehsildar in Lahore, and his aunt (wife of father’s elder brother) who thinks of him like her son, are themselves now opposed to this. Taking the whole matter into their own hands, they are of the opinion that on the day of Eid or following it, the girl should be married to someone else. If this opposing action was bing taken by others, I had no desire or need to interfere – it was an order of my God – and He could make it happen with his Grace and Favour. But, the central forces around this action happen to be those whose obedience to me is is obligatory. I repeatedly tried to make Sultan Ahmad understand, and wrote many letters calling on him: “You and your mother should distance themselves from this matter or else I will leave you and you will have no right on me any more.” They did not even reply to my letters and exhibited a complete exasperation towards me. If they had injured me with a sharp sword, I would have endured it, but they have annoyed me very much with religious opposition and the anguish of religious antagonism. They have broken my heart to a degree that I cannot describe and they deliberately wished for my severe humiliation.


Sultan Ahmad is guilty of two heinous sins:


First, that he desired to oppose the faith of Muhammad (saw) and he desired the attacks of opponents on the religion of Islam, and in his opinion, he has laid this foundation on the hope that I will be pr oven a liar and the faith will be disgraced, and opponents will be victorious. He has not discriminated in striking out with an opponent’s sword. And this foolish person did not understand that God, the All-Powerful and the Protector-of-Honour, is the supporter of this faith and supports me also and he will never let his servant go to waste. If the whole world were to try to destroy me, He would brace me up with His hand of mercy because I am His and He is mine.


Second, Sultan Ahmad declared me, his father, to be an absolute nobody and set out to oppose me and then perfected this opposition, in word and in deed. He helped my religious opponents and wholeheartedly accepted the disgrace of Islam.


Since he accumulated both types of sins into his soul, he has broken the relation with his God and also with his father; and so did both of his mothers (biological mother and aunt – translator). So, now that they have not kept any relation with me, I do not wish to have any type of relation with them. I am afraid to become sinful if I keep any association with such enemies of the faith. Therefore today, 2 May ’91, through this publication, I want everyone to know that if these people do not drop that idea; and if they do not stop the proposal about the engagement and marriage of the girl that they are furthering with their own hands; and if they do not reject the person that they have proposed for the marriage; and if the marriage takes place with that person – then —


From the day of such marriage, I will disown and disinherit Sultan Ahmad, and from the same day, I divorce his mother(MGA’s first wife – translator). And if his brother, Fazal Ahmad (MGA’s other son – translator) , who is married to the niece of Mirza Ahmad Beg (father of the girl), does not divorce his wife on the same day that he hears of the marriage, he too will be disowned and disinherited. None of them will have any right on me after that. And after such marriage, all relations of being relatives, sharing happiness, and of empathy – will be gone, and there will be no sharing in any good, evil, sorrow happiness, weddings and funerals. This is because they themselves broke off relations and were willing to break them. As such, keeping any relation with them now is absolutely sinful and against the honour of faith and an action like duyyoothi – and a believer is not a duyyooth. (could not find the translation or root of this word – translator)


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad


2 May 1891

A Publication for the Help of the Faith and Breaking of Relations with Relatives who are Opposed to Religion
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