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One more brave and well educated sister leaves Ahmadiyya


Dear Readers

You will read a copy of my letter dated 24 October 2014 about leaving Ahmadiyya religion attach to this. As you read it, you will see that I explained very clearly to leave me alone.  We are still receiving the literature and phone calls to attend the forthcoming meetings!! It forces me to go public with this information as your organisation or (disorganisation) will not take a BLIND BIT OF NOTICE.

I trust Allah Almighty who has guided me. He only is the Judge of all. This is a brief account from me. There is no compulsion in religion.

My Journey to Islam has been a gradual one. Over many years questions were arising in my sub-conscious – but when I retired and had time to think – with the Grace of Allah everything started to fall into place very quickly. I will write about it in future.

As I was prepared to leave Ahmadiyya the very first thing I had to do was to cut all emotional ties towards my Ahmadi friends and relatives. That was the only way open to me.

I do not have to give any reasons as to why I left – it is my personal decision. Just for the benefit of the readers I will explain as my letter to Mirza Masroor is a simple one. I did not want to give all sorts of reasons as everything is already on the internet – if someone wants to see it. But of course most Ahmadi people I know, do not bother to educate themselves to keep up with the time. If only they obeyed Massih Mauood (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) and read his books 3 times!!! Allah promised (I WILL CAUSE THY MESSAGE TO THE CORNERS OF THE EARTH). They are advised not to go on the internet and reasons  are crystal clear.  I feel free as I have broken the chains. The chains of  BONDAGE.

Ahmadiyyat will flourish and carry on as before (do not worry about it) my leaving is not going to make any difference. Just food for thought as there are at least 2 claiments of Mujadidship for 15th century that I know of. There is claimant of Musleh Maood has his own sect. There are about 7 active offshoots of Ahmadiyya sects working these days (take your pick). Do I not have a duty to accept the Mujadid of 15th century? Where is it ALL going to end?  Sects are being formed in front of our eyes. – Allah has provided us with the complete teachings and also alternatives till the end of time. Humans are given freewill.  Also gave the WISDOM to see the difference between right and wrong – good and evil and straight path or the path of those who has gone Astry. We are designed to go Astray – the TEST IS TO GET BACK ON THE RIGHT PATH.

By sending Rassool Allah KHATAM UN NIBIEEN – Allah (swt) completed His Deen  to humanity – there are no more prophets to come. I DO UNDERSTAND AHMADIYYA INERPRETATION COMPLETELY about this. That does not mean that everyone has to agree to it.  Allah tests us by leaving both right and wrong in front of us and grant us the wisdom to know the difference. It was all part of the big plan that people will claim prophethood from time to time. There has been many claiments of prophethood in the past. Many more will be in future.

It is very easy to pass judgement and curse on someone  who leaves“so and so has left Ahmadiyya” gone Astray from the right path – when she dies she will be asked  “did she accept the imam of the time” “will end up in hell” etc etc. I have heard it all.  Ahmadiyya leadership finds it very difficult to let go of people who leave. But I am responsible for my actions.  We must part on good terms and be CIVIL to each other and leave all affairs for Allah Almighty who is THE JUDGE of all.  Ahmadiyya leadership must leave us alone to tred on our chosen path. Alas in all cases a person is ex-communicated straight away hense  (LOVE FOR ALL HATERED FOR NONE) It is high time to change the slogan. There are demands to create  reports straightaway and in most cases a CHARACTER ASSASSINATION is to follow.

All Ahmadis are controlled by fear and strict rules. Family ties, breaking up of families is the very first thing people are faced with when they want to leave this Jamaat. It stops people from breaking away from these types of religions. Only very few have the COURAGE to leave. Man is social animal and when the close relationships are threatened – on which we depend for our emotional wellbeing. Fulfilment of our emotional need ultimately forms the units and groups we thrive in The societies are formed where species can survive. ONLY A VERY STRONG PERSON CAN SURVIVE OUTSIDE THESE BOUNDRIES. In life we have to bear consequences of our choices. In my case I have nothing left to loose. It is ultimate control by inducing  FEAR.  So it serves the purpose very well.

Whenever I read the Quran – I always ponder over the Ayahs about “the religion of our forefathers”. I would ask myself,  Surley it cannot apply to us now.  I am not living in the times mentioned in the Holy Quran. Of course the Quran was FOR ALL TIMES and FOR PEOPLE OF ALL TIMES.  Trials of life has made me strong enough to survive. I had to carry on and  wisdom gained through it gave me the COURAGE . The Holy Quran explains itself  – easy simple straightforward – no explanations – no long winded commentaries – no misinterpretation -no deviating from the issue – no beating about the bush.

Allah (swt) granted a long rope to Iblees – the forces that are present from the day one. Allah (swt) PERMITTED and Iblees  PROMISED that he will lead most people Astry.  How else Allah (swt) was going to test us freethinkers.  He has granted the guidance and knowledge and wisdom to every one to see the difference and choose.  This knowledge is true today as it was at the time of revelation.  So as per my understanding and knowledge gained I leave the religion of my forefathers and choose the path of ORIGINAL ISLAM.

Our forefathers were simple, honest, decent, hardworking and trusting people. Due to lack of education and sources available to them,  they were right to choose Ahmadiyya  path for themselves. Very little Arabic was known. Hardly any books were available and there were no libraries. Most of all their trusting nature combined with ignorance, took them on this path. They followed what they were told in the Khutbas. The powerful steam engines of Ahmadiyya machinery, AlBadr, Al Hakam and Alfazal distributed free at home and abroad alike– not to mention the cupboards full of literature came out of Qadian and Rabwah. They believed what they read in those papers. It worked for Ahmadiyya leadership for a brief time – in the scheme of things. I am sure Ahmadiyya leadership will have many success stories in future. The choice has to be out there for everyone. These religions and sects have been forming from the very beginning and are being formed in front of our eyes. But it is different story now. People are highly educated these days. All knowledge is on our fingertips via  internet connections and WiFi in every household. It is very easy to cross check references and comparative religion study. Access to information is here and will make huge difference in future. Only the fear of loosing loved ones is keeping this ship afloat.


All the best to readers

Ms Bushra Zia

London UK

Bushra Zia (1)



One more brave and well educated sister leaves Ahmadiyya
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nasir ahmed karim
Aslam O Alekum
Welcome To Islam Sister ,Khuda aap ko Khush rakhay(ameen)Mene aur meri poori family ne bhi 3saal pehle jammat ko chora hai,i am from Germany…
Nasir Ahmed Karim
Welcome to Islam Sister Bushra – the original beautiful and pure Islam that has not been tampered with. May Allah SWT Ease all the hardships you may face after taking this very brave step. May He Protect you from the fitnah of this poisonous organisation. Aameen.

The Ahmadiyya organisation relies heavily on emotional ties to keep its members trapped inside their false belief. Some people may feel like a fish out of water once they leave. It is only Allah SWT Who can Give comfort. And knowing that you have left falsehood will automatically give you peace.

Welcome sister,

Leaving Ahmadiyya was not easy and it was at a cost for me too but I never will regret leaving or even leaving my family.
Can anyone if possible give me the reference where the Ahmadis are suppose to read MGAQ three times.
Thank you!


The reference I have for reading MGA’s books 3 times is from the older version of Seerat-ul-Mahdi (vol 2, p78, narration no. 407). However, the newer editions’ page number and narration numbers do not correspond with the references from the older version.

The translation is as follows:
‘Maulvi Sher Ali Sahib told me that Hazrat Sahib (MGA) used to say that the men of our Jama’at should study/read our books at least 3 times. And he used to say that whoever does not read our books, I have doubt about his Imaan’.

amjad saqlawy
amjad saqlawy
?? ??? ???? ?? ????? ??? ?? ??????? ?? ????
masha’a allah you are most welcome in Islam once again ..you have been born from the moment you left that MAFIA
???? ?????
Assalam o alaikum wrwb, Amjad bhai hamesha ALLAH ka name capital A k saath likha karen. shukriya
Welcome to Islam Sister,
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