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1974 National Assembly case re-opened

It’s been few months now that the case proceedings of 1974 National Assembly have been made public after 36 years.

“This must be a very heartening news for the Ahmadiyya jamaat  because according to the claim made by their Khalifa IV, at least half of Pakistan will become immediately Ahmadi if the proceedings are published”. AlRaqeeb

It’s been few moths now since the re-opening of this case, no response or any statement has came out from Qadiani leadership. Whereas, before this the leadership of this cult has been boasting off in manners like:

 “I believe that if the Ahmadiyyah viewpoint reached the people of Pakistan, then there would be no reason why the whole Pakistan did not become Ahmadi.” Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib, ‘Khalifa IV’.

While we still await the fulfillment of the boastful claim in the time of their 5th Khalifa Mirza Masroor Ahmed who has actually zipped his lips, here’s a video response to this:


1974 National Assembly case re-opened
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Yousaf Ahmed

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Atiq Baloch
Atiq Baloch
i have sent the book of Parliament ki karwai to around 7 ahmdies and they did not come up with any answer. they are lier
Dear Atiq sahab, according to my info the official transcript has still not been published. If you have the official transcript, kindly tell me from where I can get it as I am highly interested in reading it.
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