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Research regarding Yuz Asaf

A research regarding Yuz Asaf, based on Alberuni’s studies and various other sources.

Page 355: From above we come to following conclusions:

From Alberuni’s remarks we conclude following:
1. Yuz Asaf was one of the very first preachers of hind and a pure hindi.
2. Before his coming Hindi people were idol worshippers.
3. He preached people of Hind stars worshipping and moved them away from idol worshipping.
4. Yuz Asaf was a preacher of Saiba religion and preached Saiba religion. As Yazid bin Ibn abi Anisa has made a prophecy that after me an “ajmi” origin prophet will appear. Who himself will preach Saiba religion and his followers will also be saibeen.
Research regarding Yuz Asaf
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