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Yuz Asaf, Yasu and Isa as

This is a part of series of research related to Isa AS, Yasu, Masih Moud and Yuz Asaf. The image below is to satisfy our Ahmadi friends that when Mirza Sahib said “Yasu” or “Isa” while abusing he meant the same person. Although, he wasn’t aware of the fact proven through documents that Yuz Asaf was a preacher of Sabi religion, dating earlier than Moses and Jesus.
Mirza sahib, draws the map and says “Hazrat Isa AS who is also known as Yasu, Jesus and Yuz Asaf, his tomb is located with guarantee of authentic people , and has been in the present area of Kashmir in a town Khan Yar from past 1900 years”
Other researches related to this are as follows:
Yuz Asaf, Yasu and Isa as
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Yousaf Ahmed

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Nice work BRO!!!!

We must also mention that from 1891 to 1895, MGA believed Esa (as) to be dead. However, he believed that Esa (as) died shortly after the event of crucifixtion and was buried somewhere close to Syria.

After reading the work of Nick Nitovitch..he landed on Kashmir as the destination of Esa (as).

Boy was he wrong!!!!!!!!!!

I hope all readers view the methodology of MGA.


Man more i look at your work more i realize that you are doing such a waste of time. Hazrat Maseeh maud (as) gave proofs, he showed that if a person was burried into the grave then it means he was a prophet from israeil otherwise hindus burn their deceased. He showed a letter from a kashmiri and his testimony that Kashmiris consider that this tomb has been there for about 1900 years. What proof you have presented that shows that tomb has been there for more than 3000 years? @Rationalist: This is even much more convincing argument that person… Read more »

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