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Ahmadis as a Separate Nation

This article will present some key points where Ahmadiyyah leadership and even Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has tried to present or asked to be presented Ahmadis as a separate nation then Muslims. Ahmadiyyah leadership were also not in favour of Pakistan until Pakistan became undeniable reality.

Mirza Bashir ud din Mahmood sent a a very loyal English christian messenger to the british government officials to ask them that keep us a separate nation just like Parsis in the census . Although Parsis are 3 lakh and we are 8 lakh. We can present 2 Ahmadis for each parsi.

Najmul Huda. Pg. 18 and 20. (Mirza Sahib used the word “meri qaum” …. meaning “my nation…..”)

According to Munir committee Ahmadis were in favour of “Akhand Bharat” and never wanted Pakistan (al-fazl 15 april 1947)

Mirza Mahmood prayed that Bharat should not be separated. (17 june, 1947), this was addressed after3rd June when Pakistan was already accepted to exist.

In 1901 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad ordered every Ahmadi to enroll themselves as “Ahmadi Musalman”

“It’s mandatory not to consider non-Ahmadis as Muslims” (Anwar-e-Khilafat. pg.90)

“Its haraam to have relations with Muslims” (Anwar-e-Khilafat. pg.94)

“Denying Mirza Ghulam or Muhammad will have the same consequence” (Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi¬† pg.185)

“Your nation is Ahmadiyyat. Why would you look for non-Ahmadis but leave Ahmadis” (malaika tullah pg.46-47)

“My ummat will have two groups. One will be like Christians who will be destroyed and second who will be Mehdviat” (Al-Fazl, 26 Jan, 1914)

“Its our obligation to not to pray behind non-Ahmadis, because they are munkir of prophet of God” (Anwar-e-Khilafat. pg.90)




Ahmadis as a Separate Nation
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Yousaf Ahmed

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Fauzia Faizi
Fauzia Faizi
I did not know about these historical claims made by the founders of Cult Ahmadiyya. Thanks for sharing this information, I take this as validation,, of my assessment, in the direction this Cult has been moving towards. This info has certainly been an eye opener for me and should be for all, whose country these Cult members are living. Every member is a soldier, trained from childhood to be loyal ONLY to the cult. They are a world threat. They are, “High Hitler” all over again.
Ahmadiyya leadership are hypocrites. They are clearly a cult.
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