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Ahmadiyya in Germany – Action and Reaction

Being outside the Islamic community and not really grasping complicated issues nor approaching them in the proper manner, and going about their cult-like ways, Ahmadiyya hurt Muslim identity everywhere.  Here is the reaction of right-wing Germans to what the Ahmadiyya are doing in Germany:

Way more dangerous than the Salafists who more or less openly proclaim tough Islamic truth are those who trivialize, who throw sand in the eyes of the people. Foremost of all are the Ahmadiyya who blather on about “love for everyone, hate for none,” even though they, like all other Muslims, base their beliefs on Muhammad, the Quran and the Hadiths. However, they pick out a few harmless and often incomplete quotes so that they can fool the people with an appearance of peacefulness.

It is in this activity that they are an an intensive course of propaganda. In Munich, they often spread out in the shopping zone in Munich and on the subway so that they can pass out their flyers and seek out conversations with people. In doing this, they punch just the right buttons of naïve and clueless do-gooders, and for such citizens it is proof enough: Islam really is different than what is shown in the news of the daily horror tales of suicide bombings, terror, killing, discrimination and persecution.


In German (with comments): http://www.pi-news.net/2011/07/ahmadiyya-missionierung-im-dienste-allahs/

Here is a video introduction to what the Ahmadiyya think they are doing in Germany:

Ahmadiyya disinformation activity in Germany

Ahmadiyya in Germany – Action and Reaction
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I do not understand why you would try to blame Ahmadis for the bigoted and hateful stance of this Anti-Muslim German author? This makes no sense and does not in anyway discredit Ahmadi teachings. you should stick to concrete examples of Ahmadi un-Islamic activities and un-Islamic practices.
Lack of hikmah (wisdom), immaturity and incomplete understanding of issues generates mistrust and confusion in third parties. Any discussion of complicated issues should be well thought out and not simplistic.
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